Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Traeger Wing Recipes for the Super Bowl

I took a BBQ class a few months ago with the renowned Diva Q, Danielle Bennet, through the Traeger BBQ Classes. It was great, I highly recommend going if you can.

They didn't do wings, and unfortunately I don't even have a BBQ (well, a community bbq pit in my building) so I haven't been able to try any of the techniques that I learned out, but I am now on their mailing list. This week with the Super Bowl on the way, Traeger sent out their Top 10 Best Chicken Wing Recipes.

Personally, they all look and sound pretty good to me. If I had to pick one, I'm thinking saucy sriracha . . .  what would you pick?

There’s not much out there that tops a good chicken wing, so we’ve put them all in one place. We’ve created the ultimate guide for chicken wings with our top ten favorite wood-fired recipes so you can pack a serious punch of flavor with every bite. When in doubt, wing it out and score with our smoking chicken wing recipes. 
Fan of the drink? These wings will hit the spot and keep you and your taste buds buzzing.
Bloody Mary Chicken Wings

These sweet wings pack a serious spice punch. If you like ‘em hot, we’ve got you covered.
Tingle Chicken Wings

Sweet, spicy and savory. There’s no better combo.
Spicy Honey Garlic Wings

These wings are simple and simply delicious. Hickory smoke and parmesan make for the perfect duo.
Parmesan Chicken Wings

Take your BBQ to the deep south on the Bayou. This spice blend ain’t for the faint of heart.  
Cajun Smoked Chicken Wings

Skip the sauce, these wings are smokin’. Dry-rubbed and flavor-packed, a surefire crowd pleaser.
Dry Rubbed Chicken Wings

These wings = Asian BBQ perfection. Savory spices and a sweet and sticky sauce make this BBQ fusion unforgettable.
Saucy Sriracha Chicken Wings

A wood-fired twist on an Asian classic. Give your wings a sweet finish with this recipe.
Teriyaki Chicken Wings

Why choose one when you can have three? This one’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
3 Ways Chicken Wing Recipes

Sweet, tangy and perfectly smoky. Give your wings a mustard kick with this recipe hand-crafted by Chef Matthew Jennings. 
Matthew Jennings Mustard Chicken Wings Recipes
Take these Top 10 wings and stick ’em in your back pocket. Whether you’re smoking, baking or grilling, these recipes are winners for every crowd. Cook them on Super Bowl game day or smoke them for your next party. Not much beats our wood-fired creations.
Can’t get enough? Check out all our wing recipes.

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