Friday, 26 February 2016

"Toronto's newest food truck serves up stuffed wings" says BlogTO

I do love chicken wings and I've been saying there aren't enough chicken wing food trucks. I'm going to try and check them out - let me know if you do too!

If you can't wait to find or want to try your own, I've dabbled in stuffed wings myself: Jalapeno Popper Wings.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Ronda Rousey & Hooter's Wings

Almost a year ago I had no idea who Ronda Rousey was. But I liked her love of wings.

Flash forward and I've become a big fan of Ronda's (even if I don't watch MMA). Things were going awesome for her, then she lost, and then they weren't.

After she lost her big fight to Holly Holm things were tough for Ronda, but she upheld her promise to a Marine to go to the Ball with him, and it ended up with wings from Hooters.

How do I know? She told Jimmy Fallon:

I think she's cool. She loves wings, and she can kick ass. A true #wingwarrior

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Super Bowl 50 GTA Wing Deals

Tomorrow is the big day.

The Super Bowl. Super Bowl 50.

You might need some chicken wings & if you live in the GTA, here's where you can get some. Personally I suggest you make your own, but we don't always have time or energy, so sometimes pre-prepared or frozen is the way to go:

Food Basics: Prime frozen wings for $6.98 790-800g - not a bad deal for frozen wings. Never tried them though.

Loblaws: They are all about wings this weekend:

  •  $2.99/lb for fresh wings - not bad. 
  •  20 cooked wings (hot or cold) for $10.
  •  President's Choice wings (700-907g) for $9.99. They don't come down to this price very often.
  •  Pinty's NFL 50th Anniversary chicken wing: $14.99  for 800g. Not a great deal and I don't know what these are beyond their normal wings.

Metro:  Fresh 2 Go 15 Hot or Chilled Chicken wings for $7.99. Do not recommend these.

RCSS:  They are also bringing it all wings this weekend:

  • 30 wings for $10. They are already cooked and are chilled.
  • President's Choice Split wings Club Size air chilled wings, $4.53/lb. I don't like $4.53 a pound as a price for wings . . .
  • President's Choice frozen Club Pack is $19.98 for honey garlic or mild Southern-style wings (1.81kg*)

*what's great about Canada is that we like to mix our metric and our imperial measurement systems. Who knows how your wings are going to be weighed.


  • Get a 16" take & bake pizza and quote "1kg and 3lb Chicken Wings" for $19.99. Does that mean you get 2 differently measured orders of wings?
  • Our Compliments frozen wings are buy 2 get the third box free. Not a wing brand I recommend either.

  • There is also 'Finger Food Faves' tray of 30 wings & 2 whole racks of wings for $44.99

Walmart:  Pinty's wings (810-950g) are $9.97 for a frozen box of wings. This is a big sale for Pinty wings which are usually $15 a box.

Those are the main sales I saw this weekend - do you know of any others? What did I miss? Tell me if you tried any of these and what you thought: