Wednesday, 20 March 2013


The what?

"Mission Statement

The Homeless Museum of Art (HoMu) is an art project created by New York-based artist Filip Noterdaeme. Since its inception in 2002, it has at turns been a live-in museum in a rental apartment in Brooklyn, an activist's initiative, an exhibit in a vacant artist studio, a collection of original artworks, and a mock museum booth embedded in a commercial art fair. Juggling irreverence and sincerity, HoMu seeks to subvert the increasingly impersonal, market-driven art world and expose the sellout of cultural institutions to commerce, cronyism, real estate, and star architects. HoMu exists in a state of perpetual flux and continues to defy the rules of the established art world."

Oh oh. So what does that have to do with chicken wings?


"HoMu BKLYN's First Architectural Extension

In the summer of 2006, Director Noterdaeme approached Intelligent Design Team Pollo & Poulet and challenged it to come up with a design solution for HoMu BKLYN's scarcity of space. The team presented Noterdaeme with a revolutionary architectural concept: the Chicken Wing.

The proposal was unanimously accepted by HoMu's Board of Directors. The Chicken Wing was inaugurated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 8, 2006.

Pollo and Poulet's Chicken Wing dramatically enhances the presentation of the Museum's dynamic and evolving collection and provides a truly organic space for temporary exhibits."

Oh. Cool.

Can I eat it?

HEY! So, would you?

For no reason other than I was thinking of the original on SNL . . .

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy St Patty's Day!

Irish I was eating green wings right now!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Chowhounds looking for wings in Niagara & 'sauga

I troll over on Chowhound now and then, and recently folks in Mississauga and Niagara Falls have been looking for good wings on the Ontario board. Do you know somewhere these wing lovers can go?

Monday, 11 March 2013

No Bull Burgers ~ Toronto ON

RIP - This location is now CLOSED

It's early January, and I was out for a walk on the streets. I had not had dinner, when I came across a little burger joint. While I had been on the look out for wings, I could do burgers on this night.

No Bull Burgers opened up in 2011, where they have been serving 'fresh' 'local' and 'organic' burgers. Hearing that makes me think I would be going into some shi shi restaurant, but this place felt more like a dive (and hopefully good burgers).

The restaurant is quite small - basically a take-out place with a few counter seats. It's owned by the same owner as Soulvaki Express next door, so you can actually go over there and sit too. The menu is pretty straight forward: burgers, cheese burgers, bacon cheeseburgers and how you can double the patties. There also a grilled cheese burger, a bunless burger, and an organic quinoa burger. There are homemade potato chips, fries, poutines and onion rings. They also have special burgers, such as their "Redneck" burger, a "beer battered deep fried peameal rolled in potato chips, paired with a patty, lettuce, tomato, drizzled with a whisk bbq sauce!"

I went with a simple bacon burger combo with fries and a coke which came to like $12. 

First, my combo came with an icy glass bottle of Coke. The cost of glass bottled Coke drives me a little nuts because it's the same amount as a can (355ml) but there's something magical about drinking pop from a bottle.

The combo came with a mountain of fries. Seriously, they take up half of the tray. They were good too - fresh cut, crispy but soft inside. It's self seasoning and I went with ketchup, salt and some vinegar. Very good fries. I had to take 2/3rds home with me.

My Bacon Cheeseburger. Glory on a platter.  I had a choice of strip or peameal, and I went with strip. I also had a choice of Swiss or cheddar, and I went with cheddar.

There were a ton of toppings to choose from and I was actually a little overwhelmed and just went with my go to's. Highlights to point out:

  • the bacon was crispy and very flavourfull - this is exactly what I look for in bacon.
  • burger was meaty, fresh and seasoned well. Not too thick, not too thin. Excellent patty.
  • toppings all tasted fresh, crispy and nothing dominated the burger in terms of taste - it was a happy mosaic.
  • Eagle eye readers will see the bottom bun above is actually a top bun. It made for a pretty awesome experience, especially as the bun was soft and white without it being a filler. 

No Bull Burgers was definetely no bull. I was really impressed with the burger, the fries and the service. I like this place and definetly would go back for more - Redneck burger, you are on my radar!

No Bull Burgers
179 Parliament Street, Toronto ON 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WWWWWW #71 ~ Gordon Oliver

I have no idea what is going on here. I saw a food link on a website for a chicken wing milkshake. Its a parody of Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver. G.O. makes some crazy food combinations. What I don`t understand is why. Does anyone know what this is a marketing campaign for?

Above is the Buffalo Wing Milkshake. Mmmmmmmmmm*

*Mmmmmmmm sound might be sarcastic. Might.

What about a noodle sundae? Doesn't that look tasty?

I think the Aquafresh Hot Dog might be the best. Minty and beefy!

Don't forget his book, Cats in a Pot!

So, do you know what Gordon Oliver's deal is?


Hey all - still catching up, but at this point, its 2013 wing catch up!

Back in January, I got back to Toronto. I had a rental car and decided I was trying some wings (first wings of 2013!) outside the downtown core. I had heard in blogTO about Drums N Flats, and decided to check it out for myself.

Occupying a corner on Avenue road, I drove right on by without seeing the place. I don't know how. I was pretty excited - its not everyday that a new wing joint opens up, but could you imagine if one did, like everyday?  I digress . . .

This was a Sunday afternoon and it was pretty quiet inside: basically a bunch of young guys watching 'the game' and later a family came in. Drums N Flats (DNF as I'm going to call them) is kinda sports bar, kinda club bar (see the disco ball?) and kinda pub. It worked in my opinion in terms of atmosphere.

Heck, they even have lava lamps. Honestly, lava lamps. I love lava lamps.

My server was Jeff (hey I'm Jeff too). He was friendly and was willing to talk about wings. More on that to come.

I was torn on what I was going to go with wing wise. I mean I would have been happy just trying their regular hot wings, but they have Double Dipped wings, where they deep fry the wings, when they are almost finished they sauce them, then grill, then add another sauce - all of which is pre-selected in 3 choices. So I went with the double dipped. Then I got a regular order later.

On my second order, Jeff brought them out and said he gave me fries on the house. That's pretty awesome. The fries were fresh cut and fried and were pretty close to chip wagon chips. They were slightly limp, but still a bit of snap to them too.

All of the wings come with celery and carrot sticks, and their Ranch Dill Sauce. It's a tasty ranch sauce with a nice hint of dill. You can upgrade for $1 to their Stilton Blue Cheese, but I was happy with dill.

A single order of wings which is a pound, equals about 8 or 9 wings at DNF.

 One order came in a taller metal basket while the one with fries came in a metal tray. Both come with veggies and dip.

There was one downside to my wings. They were small. They were meaty, and they were perfectly cooked, but they were small. The skin was crispy, the meat was tender and easily pulled from the bone. The chicken was fresh. This was all great. But they were small.

I was mentioning this to someone the other day and they suggested that perhaps to have perfectly cooked wings, they must be smaller, and that the jumbo wings lend themselves to being over/under cooked. This is a very interesting theory that I want to work on. I'd still like at least a medium sized wing though.


I decided to go with their house tecnique for my wings. I wasn't sure I could eat 2 orders of wings, so lets go with what they specialize in, right?

So my wings were deep fried, then tossed in their Rajun Cajun BBQ sauce. Then they grilled that, and then finished off with Buffalo Hot.

What came out was a wing that had so many flavour levels, my mouth was feeling like there was a party going on and everyone was invited. One moment, it had what I felt was an almost Mexican flavour, to the rich buttery cayenne sauce. Then you'd get a little smoke of the grill. So good!


After eating the double dipped wings, I found that I was still a bit hungry, and my mouth was definitely ready for new wings.  There were lots of sauces to try, but I wanted to focus on the basics.

DNF had a well done Buffalo sauce. A little bit hot, a little tart, and very buttery. I could gobble up a ton of these.


I was also curious about their hottest sauces. I got talking to Jeff, and asked for the side of Insane. He recommended the Island sauce, which he brought out for my second round of wings. Both are very hot and are really above the suicide. Its a vinegary sauce, with a strong red chili based flavour (similar to PAIN sauce) and slightly garlicky I think. The difference between the two sauces is a secret heat ingredient added to the Insane. There is still flavour and it is not just plain.

 FINAL SCORE:  Drums N Flats is a great wing place. You can tell they care about their chicken. The wings were just perfectly cooked - crispy, tender and just fresh wings. The sauces taste great and their double dipping add a plethora of flavour sensations. If only they had bigger wings and a wing night and this place would be a big number score. Thumbs up for DNF. Now, if only they could get closer to downtown.

Drums N Flats
1980 Avenue Road, Toronto ON