Thursday, 28 May 2020

LORD of the WINGS BLOG TURNS 15 TODAY!!! 2005-2020 & BEYOND!!!

On May 28th 2005, I did one thing that changed my life forever. I started The Lord of the Wings blog. Today marks 15 years of reviews, recipe, and news about all things wings.

Can you imagine I've been blogging about chicken wings for 15 years? Who talks about chicken wings for 15 years?!?! Well, I do.

It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating 10 years of blogging, with my retrospective on the blog back in 2015. Check out some of the major milestones this blog has done over the years. I mean I've eaten and judged at competitions, I went on a Great Wing Tour and visited the Mecca of chicken wings. I've been interviewed by various media and I was even on TV!

The last 5 years has been full of change in my personal life which affected the blog a lot. I was changing jobs and moving a few times. I lost some dear people in my life. I got married, moved again, and bought a house and moved again. Changed jobs a few more times too. At the start, the blog suffered, but with some effort and renewed enthusiasm, the last few years I've been doing more content and reviews than ever before.

When I started back in 2005, I had been trying to do a website for so long but just didn't have the skills. Blogger came along and was a great tool that I continue to use today. I wanted a place to record my quest for the best wing out there. I set out with a simple scoring method, a digital camera, and a hunger for wings. The reviews still maintain the same rough outline, but some things look a lot better:

Since then I've branched out into Twitter (@lordofthewings) and Instagram (@lotw_wingking) and that also has changed so much of what I do and post. At one point I was even doing Youtube videos as WKTV (Wing King TV) but was not able to keep up with making videos. But I've missed doing the videos for so long. And now, I'm pleased to announce that 2020 will be the return of WKTV!!!

I was hoping to have the first episode of Season 3 up and ready for today, but that's not the case. I'm hoping to keep doing wing-related recipes, but also plan on doing wing reviews, sauce reviews, and anything else food related on the channel. I still have a lot of tweeking left to do, but it's on it's way.

Finally I wanted to say thank you to everyone who supports me and my wing endevours. My wife, my family, my friends, and everyone of you that reads the blog, likes a photo, makes a recipe, or leaves a comment. Thanks for 15 years of making my quest so much more fun.

So here's to 15 years - hope to see you in another 15 years!!! Have a wing for me, I'm going to go take down a few myself today.

Wing Long & Prosper

Wing King
Lord of the Wings

Monday, 25 May 2020

LOTW Meme Monday: Social Distance FFS PSA

I can't get over these people ... this is in Toronto but it's everywhere. The sun is out, the government has loosened the restrictions, and people think the crisis is over. It's not. And while I'm whining about chicken wings, in reality I'm especially feeling for the essential workers, the elderly, those with health conditions who are all affected because these idiots can't suck it up and flatten the curve like we need.

I want wings, I want to hang with friends and family, I want to enjoy public spaces too, but we have to do our duty as a society.

Wear a mask
Wash your hands
Social distance
Stay home
Stay away
Suck it up

FFS people, we are all in this together. Stop putting yourself before others. Be better. For everyone else already doing what we are supposed to, stay strong.

#nonwingsunday = Hacked Ramen

Saturday, 23 May 2020

WATSON RIDGE Buffalo Chicken Wings - Quarantine Frozen Wing Review

It's time for another:

Many many months ago I found myself in Giant Tiger. If you've never been in a Giant Tiger, it's kind of like a step up from the dollar store, but a step down from Walmart. It sells everything from clothes, housewares, toys, and groceries. But a lot of the brands that they sell are not what I would call national name brands. They are little companies I have never heard or seen outside of Giant Tiger (GT). Every once in a while I dare to try some of these off-brand or smaller company products. Some are good, some are decent, and some are just awful.

So on this particular trip to GT I happened to notice Watson Ridge chicken wings. I've seen them there before, but the flavours I had seen were Honey Garlic or BBQ and wasn't super interested. They usually sell for $5.99 but the box isn't very big.

 But then I saw a box on for $4.99 so I figured what did I have to lose? I've since seen the wings go on sale as low as $3.99 in the flyer, so you can get it even cheaper.

For some reason I waited until much later after trying these wings to do some research on Watson Ridge. They are not a well reviewed brand online FYI. They also stopped caring about their social media. On Twitter they haven't posted for years, and the only thing I could find were two posts back in 2015. The first Tweet is a great wing marketing in my opinion and speaks to me. It's lunch and I'm hungry? Have some Buffalo wings. They are baked so therefore not Buffalo, but I'll give them some slack. Some.

The next Tweet from Oct 10 2015 suggests they don't know what they are doing; "It's a stay at home, enjoy some breaded wings type of night!" That's fine, except the photo they have is of non-breaded wings. It's not even a photo of the type of wings they sell.

The box keeps it pretty simple and direct for info: It's Buffalo Chicken Wings (it's not), they are fully cooked (just heat & eat), comes with sauce, and it's 475g. 475g is not a lot, but it's all the wings on the cover photo, not just a photo representation of what's in the box like most companies.

And it's true, the box has the bag of frozen wings and one sauce packet.

I didn't look at the ingredients until later as well. The wings had a lot of questionable ingredients in them, specifically water (2nd ingredient?), Toasted Wheat Crumbs, Wheat Flour, and Wheat Glueten. Ewww. Why is there ANY wheat in a chicken wing, let alone a Buffalo wings?

The wings were not stuck together. They weren't frost bitten either.

There it is, 475g in all it's glory. 6 wings. 6 large wings, but 6 wings. 6.

I admit I didn't follow the cooking instructions and went with my experience for frozen wing cooking. I jacked the oven up to 400F and put the wings on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, instead of 375F on a plain baking sheet. 20 minutes total with one flip in there, about halfway through.

I also threw the sauce packet into some warm water to thaw during the cooking process.

They recommend after 18 minutes if you want a "crispier finish [is] desired" to put on the broiler for the last 2 minutes of cooking. But at 400 degrees things were crispy enough. I was also surprised when they came out of the oven that there was no grease, fat or water dripping out of the chicken.

These wings looked like they needed sauce (and there were only 6) so I didn't bother tasting them sans sauce. I cut open the packet and drizzled the sauce on.

A little toss toss toss and the wings were well covered. It was enough sauce to coat the wings but also have some left for return dips.

Now they were ready to be plated. They don't look bad and the sauce looks tight for commercial Buffalo sauce, but gosh 6 isn't very much at all eh?

I will say these wings are large. The above is one mutant-sized chicken wing. It does not look natural, but it's huge. They aren't super long, but look at the apex on that sucker. Now a lot of that is breading mind you, and the breading is a thick, thick shell. But these are still a very meaty wing.

That meat is terrible though. Before you get to the meat you have to deal with the terrible breading. Yes there is a crispy/crunch to it, but that shell just comes off the wings. And if you eat that breading on it's own, you will regret it. Because it's all wheat. Remember the 3 different wheat ingredients I mentioned above? It's all in there. It tastes like cardboard. And somehow that breading that was crunchy was also mushy at the same time. It was some sort of horrible science experiment that went wrong. The chicken meat was tender, but it was a weird texture. Pretty sure that's from it being pumped full of water. I want a juicy piece of chicken, but not this fake, pumped up garbage.

The Buffalo sauce from the packet wasn't wasn't ... bad. It was really vinegary and not really buttery. So just like the wings, the sauce wasn't Buffalo either. It was more tangy that hot. It was ok.



Not even if they were free. I ate 3 and threw the rest out. Me, a wing apologist, who hates waste, had to throw them out. Gross meat, terrible breading. Sauce was ok but with so much terrible breading and weird meat it just wasn't worth while. Sometimes, you do get what you pay for, and I paid for this. From me to you (and future me) DO NOT BUY  5/14

Watson Ridge
Chicken Wings (they don't even list their flavoured wings on here)

Friday, 22 May 2020

#Fryday = Kelseys Wings & Seafood Fry

Happy #fryday y'all!

These photo's come from back in 2017. I went out to Kelsey's in Scarborough to grab some cheap wings on wing night, when something else caught my eye. In a weird twist, I also ordered their Seafood Fry (can't remember the actual name) - it was calamari, shrimp, onions, jalapenos all battered, deep fried and seasoned. Boy it was good! Of course the wings were also good!

Thursday, 21 May 2020


It's time for another #tbt & #lostreview:

I'm almost finished going through 2015. This one goes back to late January 2015 and it's truly a lost review because at first I had no recollection of this trip and review. I vaguely remember going, but I don't remember the details, and I don't have notes at all.

I was in Guelph Ontario for a work conference. Actually the conference wasn't for me, I was just the work supervisor for some of my staff and staff from another department. We were at the University of Guelph in Guelph Ontario, and we had an evening off for dinner. I don't know Guelph very well, and I have no idea how we ended up at The Baker Street Public House.

The Baker Street Station Public House is in the vein of an English pub but a more modern menu. The crowd was mixed as you can see in the above photo. It's an old house and it's tight inside, but it has a lot of character.

Here's the crew I brought: Vanessa, Mary, Aaron, ??? (can't remember her name, this was the first time I met her!), James and Dan. They were a good bunch and were delightful for going away with.

They had wings and some very interesting flavours: Peri-Peri? Ghost Pepper & Winter Peach? Applejack? Miso & Sesame? What?! That is a tough list to choose from.

I have no recollection of these wings, at all. I'm sure I got Hot with a side of the Ghost Pepper & Winter Peach. Pretty sure. It came out on a wooden plank which looks cool, but you have little to no wiggle room for dropping. Also no bone bowl that I can see.

It came with veggie and dip. That dip looks like a blue cheese to me but not sure. 

The wings look big. They look dusted and meaty. They kind of look like they aren't crispy enough, but I don't know.

They definitely came saucy. They look messy and I really want to try them again!

This must be the Ghost Pepper & Winter Peach. What a fascinating combination. Too bad I don't remember the flavour or the spicy heat on this.

Did it go with the Hot sauce? Who knows.

These seem like they would have been good wings but I don't remember anything about this food. This is why I take notes.

Baker Street Station Public House
76 Baker Street, Guelph ON

Monday, 18 May 2020


Whether you actually celebrate a long dead Imperialist monach or you are just happy to have a day off, stay safe, have wings, and enjoy!

#nonwingsunday = Kofta Wrap

Saturday, 16 May 2020

President's Choice Medium Buffalo Wings - QUARANTINE FROZEN WING REVIEW

It's time for another:

I'm still dipping into the archives here, but I have so many unpublished frozen wing reviews that all we can do is move forward. 

President's Choice Medium Buffalo-Style Chicken Wings.

I'm going to stop you right there. I can tell you before we begin, these are not in any way Buffalo Style Wings.

I'm not going to lead you on at all. They don't look like Buffalo Wings, they aren't cooked like Buffalo wings, and they don't taste like Buffalo wings. 

Don't believe me? Read that intro that they themselves give the wings. Go on, I'll wait. Can't read it? It starts of with "smoky sauce". Smoky. When has a Buffalo wings ever been smoky? And why does it come with Sour Cream & Onion dip? sure that sounds delicious, but Buffalo wings call out for Blue Cheese.

But all of that, all of these #wingcrime 's against authenticity doesn't mean that these could be really good frozen wings. But just know PC is lying to you up front.

There is so much info on the box. Little stories here, ingredients there. Information overload. Ingredient overload. Look how many ingredients are on that list. Do you know how many ingredients are nomally in Buffalo wings? Chicken. Hot Sauce. Butter/Margerine. Vinegar. Maybe salt & pepper. Bah!

Inside the box are the bag of frozen wings and a packet of Sour Cream & Onion dip on the side. There's only one packet of dip, which is kind of surprising because it seems like endless amounts of sauce are included in these things. Despite the authenticity faux pas, I was actually curious to taste this dip as I've never had SC&O with wings before.

The wings came bundled up at the bottom of the bag and while slightly stuck together, they came apart easily and without tearage.

I turned on the over to 400 degrees and placed my wings on a baking pan that was already lined with tinfoil (I reuse it over and over as long as there are no spills) and magic parchment paper. I places all the wings on the pan and there were 24 wings in total.

The wings had a mild frosting to them from being in the freezer but nothing detrimental to the product. I also noted that there were pretty equal flat-to-drum ratio going on here.

I put the sauce packet in warm water, then popped the wings into the oven and baked for about 10 minutes before flipping them over. You can see the grease/glaze oozing off the wings. Baked and pre-glazed, just like the Anchor Bar eh?

It is not in case you missed that sarcasm.

After 20ish minutes or so the wings were done. Not the prettiest wings around ...

Because they are pre-glazed, the wings are ready to eat. No saucing or tossing. They still looked tasty but clearly don't look like Buffalo wings at all.

Let's talk about the size. These are a medium in length, width, height, girth etc etc etc. They aren't too small, but they aren't big either. Pretty average for frozen wings, especially from President's Choice.

The texture on the skin is what I think of as baked-crispy. First off, I never use just tin foil (or even bare pan for that matter) because the skin is going to stick and it's going to make a mess. It won't stick to parchment, and I like that the fat renders out but then get's crispy on the skin. The skin's fat hasn't fully rendered (like deep frying) and these are pre-marinated, so short of deep frying (don't because of the glaze though) it's not going to get crispy. BBQ grilling is an option on the box and that would be good but more char-crispy then skin crispy.

How do they taste? Well not like Buffalo wings. They have a hot wing flavour to them, but there's no buttery richness that you would get with a Buffalo wing. I thought they were tasty enough as is, but these wouldn't hurt from an extra application of sauce either.

As for the heat, PC lied again, but in a way I was actually happier with. These had some bite! There was actually a kick to them. I would say these were a Hot and not Medium. It wasn't killer, but someone who doesn't go for heat much might find them a bit much. True Chiliheads will dismiss these, but I was surprised to have a warm buzz even after I was finished.

Now if you did find these spicy, there's that Sour Cream and Onion dip on the side. Wow, was the texture on this sauce horrible. Horrible! It was so thin and watery that some wings I would dunk and nothing stuck to the actual wing. The flavour was ok ... more like a SC&O ranch dip. But it's not strong and without a creamy texture the sauce just falls flat.


Give me a really good sale and I will keep them on hand for emergencies. I think these would probably do well on the BBQ. I'd ditch the dip (it's flavour is weak so that even if you added some sour cream or mayo to bulk it up, what flavour there was would be lost). The wings are ok size, ok texture. The heat is good, the flavour's not bad. But I cannot stress enough that in no way is this like a Buffalo wing.  7/14

President's Choice
Medium Buffalo-Style Chicken Wings