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#nonwingsunday = Steak

#nonwingsunday = steak I cut the steaks from a roast and rubbed them in @traegergrills Prime Rib rub I got at @divaqbbq 's BBQ class & a little piri piri seasoning for spice. We ate them last week for alternating days of steak salad & for steak sandwiches. So beefy good! The Rodeo cast iron grill pan was a wedding gift from 2 years ago (can't remember from who but thanks!) & this was the first chance to use it now that we are unpacking all the boxes at the new house. It was awesome but I did accidentally brand a wooden cutting board I used as a heating pad. Oops. At least it looks cool. I should have taken a picture. Oops again. #lordofthewingsblog #steak #beef #steaksalad #steaksandwich #traegerrubs #primeribrubtraeger #piripiri #castiron #castirongrillpan #rodeogrillpan #weddinggift #newhouse #lifesgood #divaq #divaqclass #itsnotallaboutwings
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So sometimes grocery stores make mistakes, and I'm willing to take advantage of their errors. I was at Freshco grocery and I always cruise past the frozen wing sections just in-case there was something new or exciting. Or a deal. On this particular occasion, it was a deal.

See, they were having a sale on Jane's Chicken Wings - which are trash in my opinion - but they had no supply, so they substituted Prime frozen wings instead. I had never had Maple Leaf branded wings before that I could remember, so it was time to try them out, especially at this price.

They had two flavours to choose from, BBQ and Classic Buffalo. The boxes are basically identical so I had to root around for the Buffalo ones. I was SUPER skeptical because I don't have a lot of confidence in Maple Leaf as a chicken wing producer (see below *) and because it says 'Classic Buffalo' but from the box I see it is a breaded wing (Buffalo wings are not breaded) and I know you bake it.

"Our Chicken Wings and sauces are made with real, simple ingredients. Each recipe starts with natural chicken drumettes and winglets that are RAISED WITHOUT antibiotics. Each wing is seasoned with natural spices and lightly dusted with wheat flour before browning them in vegetable oil. Heat at home and toss in our classic Buffalo sauce. For extra flavor, serve with our creamy Garlic parmesan dipping sauce – it’s sure to be a family favourite!"
Prime as a brand is really big on advertising that their chicken is made with "natural chicken" that is "raised without antibiotics" with no artificial "colours" or "preservatives" - positioning themselves as super clean, healthy chicken. It might have to do with the fact that back in 2008 they had a horrible food crisis* that almost destroyed the brand.

After checking out the box and the instructions (gotta say I was glad to see "Do Not Microwave" - chicken wings should never be microwavable), I opened it up and pulled out a bag of wings and 2 sauce packs. The wings are in a big plastic bag, and there were 12 wings inside - not a lot, but they looked like a decent size. They looked not bad for frozen wings too.

The two sauce packets were the Spicy Buffalo sauce and the Garlic Parmesan Sauce. Both come frozen and require you to submerge in warm water for 3-4 minutes.

I placed the wings on a baking sheet on parchment paper; I never put it directly onto the pan or onto tinfoil because they always stick and make a huge mess, with parchment, no mess. There was a bunch of ice chunks and some of the wings had a significant amount of frost on them. I wasn't that concerned but I was going to check them out to make sure it wasn't a problem.

I baked them at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes as per the instructions. The frost seemed to have no effect on them, so that was good. I also noticed there wasn't a lot of grease coming off these wings either, also good.

The breading was consistent over all the chicken held up well on the wings and they actually looked crispy. They even had that crispy sound when picking them up with my tongs for flipping them. Another good sign.

We were having these wings during our big move into our house, so we had some take-out pizza, and we were dining off paper plates due to not having unpacked our plates yet. If you are wondering, the pizza was from Domino's, one was thin crust (no one liked this that much) and deep dish (love their deep dish) - it was a deal, but we didn't want to order their wings (which are ok). Pizza wasn't enough, so hence testing out the frozen wings. Not everyone wanted hot sauce, so we didn't sauce and toss the wings, and I just drizzled the Buffalo sauce over my wings.

For the most part, these were a very decently sized wing. Medium+ for both length and height. The breading made the wings a little bigger, but these were also still meaty wings. The breading was crunchy, and a bit thick, but not in a way that took away from the wing experience. The meat was also tender and the bones easily pulled away from the joints.

On the side I drizzled the Garlic Parmesan and the Buffalo sauce for dipping. Having had many piss poor ranch and blue cheese dips included with frozen wings, I had very low expectations for the Garlic Parmesan, a first I have ever seen with frozen wings. I was very pleasantly surprised. This was a great side dipping sauce. It was thick and creamy, and tasted like Gar-Par. It didn't taste like restaurant scratch made, but for what it was, it was pretty good.

The Spicy Buffalo sauce was not too shabby. It wasn't runny, but not thick either. It smelled like a decent commercial cayenne based hot sauce. It actually listed natural butter flavour in the ingredients, even if it was the last ingredient. I wouldn't call these spicy either, unless you are a heat wimp.

I think everyone liked these wings as they gobbled them up pretty quickly. To be fair, we were also really hungry.

Would I Get Them Again?

Yes for sure, and I went out and got another box to have on hand after having these. The wings are a good size for frozen wings, they have a quality breading that remains crispy and intact on the wing. The wing itself has some very nice, non-fatty chicken that cooks up nicely and remains tender. The sauces are pretty good too. Next time it's just me, I'm going to sauce and toss these wings for sure. There are a lot of garbage frozen wings out there, but I give a big thumbs up for Prime Classic Buffalo (even if they aren't Buffalo). 9.5/14

Prime Classic Buffalo Wings

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A few more pounds (of wings) and a few more grey hairs ...

To see the Dangerous Dan's Diner post from 2006, the first photo on the blog of wings *because I had a lot of photo technical difficulties back then) click HERE. The 2019 photo is just a wing selfie I took the other day without knowing about this challenge. Crazy.

LOTW Meme Monday = Wing > Egg > Kylie Jenner

Is it me or is the Internet just ridiculous now?

#nonwingsunday = Nachos by Me

Little Bee-Girl Likes Chicken Wings

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JO-JO's CHIC-n-WINGS - Brantford ON

The first official wing review of 2019!

A large portion of my family lives near Brantford Ontario, so since I was a kid we have been going to the Telephone City. After visiting family we would go to Brantford primarily for shopping, but also for eating. I don't think other people feel the same as I do, but Brantford is a city with a lot of good wing places. Wingmasters, Sammy's Rec Room, Zanders, the defunct Moose Winooski's to name a few. So when I see a place advertise "Voted Best Wings" they have my attention. That place was Jo-Jo's Chic-n-Wings.

I had just stopped in Brantford to get gas, but I was hungry, and I had seen Jo-Jo's for the last few years but never stopped. The sign out front on one side said "Voted Best Wings" (but I can't find evidence of this anywhere except on their Facebook back in 2012) and "Best Wings Anywhere"; a very bold statement.

I was really thrown off by Jo-Jo's when I arrived. Anytime I drove by I just assumed it was a take-out joint, but as I parked and walked toward it, I started to question if this was an actual sit down restaurant. I went in and was kind of skeptical of the place - my memory of the place and my photos are two separate things - I remember it being dark and dingy, with a big old tavern bar. I looked over my photos and it doesn't really look as bad as I thought. I found the layout weird with the bar/counter in the front, and two dining areas on either side of the place. Something seemed familiar about this design and after going on google street view back in time, I realized this was a former Tim Horton's! Now everything makes sense.

I was going mid afternoon, so it wasn't that busy. There was a couple that had entered just before me that went to sat on the left dining area, while two kids were chilling and colouring in the other area (the kids I believe were the Wing Dude's I think hanging out since it was still the holidays and there was no school). I walked up to the counter and the Wing Dude (not Jo-Jo because I read this place was under new management back in 2016) was ready to take my order.

Wing Dude was not very friendly or enthusiastic. I asked a bunch of questions about the wings and he gave me the shortest answers. The menu has almost 40 different wing flavours which made choosing very difficult. I asked him to clarify some of the intersting ones:

  • Pub Mix = Hot & BBQ
  • Bundy = Medium & Honey Garlic (very popular)
  • Movie Time = Butter & Salt

I also asked about what the difference between Hot and Suicide was - was it the same sauce and just hotter or different sauces? Wing Dude just told me that Suicide was hotter for sure. Not what I asked, but ok. I was only getting a single order, and I wanted to try a lot of the sauces, but I went with a basic Suicide sauce.

He took my order and went into the back, I took a seat and waited for my order. I scoped out their calendar with their wing nights. Mon = $7.99 for 1lb, Tues = $13.99 for 1lb & a Sleeman beer, Wed = $18.99 AYCE, Thurs = $8.99 for Pint & a Pound. The AYCE experience appeals to me the most. More people came in while I waited. I was there for about 10 minutes, and my order was ready. I went out to the car and was ready to chow down. I opened the bag and found a soft cardboard box waiting for me.

I opened it up and it was like a bloody treasure chest!

The plastic bag only had the box in it, or so I thought. At the bottom was napkins, and they were great napkins. They were not standard thin, weak, cheap napkins. These were quality, thick, multi-folded aspect. Wetnaps too. That's a great clean-up tool package.

Just before Wing Dude went back to make my wings he stopped and asked "Do you prefer small wings or big wings?"  I was taken slightly aback and took a beat to think. I asked how many come with large wings? "The big wings are 6 per pound and the small 10 per pound." I didn't really want jumbo wings, but small sounded tiny. 6 in a pound suggested a decent size, that's what I went with. They were all the same price either way, but I really appreciate that choice, that option for what people want. You don't see that very often.

So how big were the big wings? Well they were not jumbo or giant. They were a medium+ to maybe a large sized wing. They were decent sized, but I wonder how small the small actually were. They were medium+ with some very relative in size to the length, and others a bit more meaty.

The meat itself also a medium in tenderness; not tough, but not super soft either. Pulling the wings apart at the bone was not easy, and these were originally frozen. The chicken is dusted in spices before it is deep fried. The skin is really really crispy; it almost has a crunch. I couldn't really taste the spices due to the suicide sauce, but I really dug the texture of the crispy skin.

These wings were saucy. Oh yes, Jo-Jo's were not skimping out on making the wings wet. The sauce must have been poured over the wings in the box, and then shook up in the box, because the lid was dripping thick, bloody looking sauce. I loved the visual! Plus there was a little lake of sauce at the bottom. Nice.

There was 6 wings in the large 1 pound order, as promised, inside the box. The visual was very dark, fire red and exciting to me. The smell was spicy.

The Suicide wing sauce was a good suicide. It didn't taste like any sauce I am used to, and I like that surprise. I think it's a cayenne based hot sauce of some sort, but I think there is a lot of cayenne powder in it that makes it peppery.

At first I didn't think it was that spicy, but then bam! it hit. It has a sting. It attacked my throat at first, but went on to really sting the lips. I don't know what it is, but it's got a burn, a hot burn. I like that cayenne hot flavour, but some may think it's a little one-note. But that note sings! Or is it that zings?


I would definitely go back to Jo-Jo's. I don't know about them being the best, but they are good. The wings were decent in size, very crispy, very saucy, and Suicide has a hot burn to it. I'd love to come back and sample some of the other flavours (Movie Time? yes please!). 9/15

Jo-Jo's Chik-n-Wings
20 King George Road, Brantford ON

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I'm back baby!

2018 was the year of The Return of the Lord of the Wings. This blog was back in action. How so? I had the highest number of posts EVER in the blog's history at 330. The next closest was 179 and that was in 2009, and the worst (aside from the 2 posts of the first year) was 2014 with 16 posts. That's almost a single post every single day.

It was also The Return because so many of the reviews were returning to pubs and restaurants I had reviewed 10 years ago. Some got better, some got worse.

Now in my return I haven't accomplished everything I wanted to do. I want more recipes, more reviews, more videos. I'm getting there, but 2018 was getting back to basics.

So I've broken the YIR down to 8 categories:


As always, these aren't listed necessarily in any particular order, and are the best of what I reviewed, not necessarily the best EVER. Let's go take a look at some of the best of what I encountered and reviewed in 2018:


I struggled with sticking to my 2017 YIR method of best wings of all that I reviewed, but I decided to break everything down into categories more like the old days of what I inaccurately called the blogiversary reviews. Since I live in Ottawa Ontario, I sampled eateries in Ottawa the most, so by shear number, this needed it's own category.


Not only do the wings rock at Patty Boland's - fried crispy, awesome sauces, but they have probably the best wing night in Ottawa: Monday night $0.35 & $0.55 wings!!! Plus the Carolina Reaper challenge is wicked wicked hot!

Return to WHISPER's PUB - October

Whipser's Pub, the "friendliest little pub in Westboro" is both friendly and a great spot for wings. The wings are crispy, the sauces are good, and that Chef's Challenge suicide isn't the hottest, but it's peppery goodness. 


Dusted, crispy wings form a great base. Hot is good, 40 Creek BBQ is great. Suicide is 3rd Degree. Also they have wing night all day long on Tuesdays. If you like sports and you like wings, this is your place.


This place has wing night basically all the time, and that's awesome. These breaded wings are crunchy, but they also have all these unique sauces that don't taste like your same old pub wings.


You want to see busy, come to Hooley's on Monday for wing night. The place will be packed for these breaded wings. But what puts this place on the map is that they have over 30 different sauces! I went with simple sauces like Hot Honey Mustard and Creamy Dill, but they have Pepperoni Pizza wings, Butter Chicken or Maple Bacon Dry Rub.


It's pretty self-explanatory, these are wings I got anywhere outside of Ottawa in 2018. 


I can't tell you how happily surprised I was when I came across the wings at this BBQ Joint. They were huge. They were smokey, they were tender. Finding tender smoked jumbo wings is VERY difficult. The BBQ sauces are awesome. Check them out on Wednesdays for $10 for 1lb. Oh, and get the free smoked popcorn too!

DINGALING`s - Kingston ON

I'm on the road driving past Kingston frequently so when I get a chance I love to stop in at Dingaling's. This mostly take-out wing place serves up meaty, crispy wings. I cannot get enough of their Butter Face wings - they're hot, buttery, and soo very good.

ZE KITCHEN - Cumberland ON

I took a chance one night by taking a trip to the little town of Cumberland on the possibility of good wings on Thursday wing night at Ze Kitchen, and I'm glad I did. Super breaded crunchy seasoned wings are what I found. Salt and Pepper and Hot were simple, but very tasty wing experiences.


These are wings that specifically came from take-out wing or pizza joints. In actuality, some of these would have been in the runner for best wings overall.


I found this place online looking for a different pizza place than our usual chain go-to's in Whitby, and yes I found good pizza, but I found great wings. This family run pizza joint makes all their wing sauces and serves them up on large crispy wings. Suicide has a BIG BITE to it, and the Buffalo Style Hot, while there`s nothing Buffalo about it, is freaking good.


Wow. That`s what I said when I had The Wing Factory Wings, These were HUGE wings. Massively meaty wings covered in breading and deep fried. The meat was almost too much, but fortunately they were able to fry the wing to make sure all the meat was cooked, without overcooking the breading. Also, the sauces were great - LOVED Gutter Butter (Buffalo-style sauce) and Smokey BBQ was spot on. One of the highest rated wings of the year!


I came across this pizza joint by accident and I'm glad I did. These take-out wings are classically crispy fried wings that are a decent size. Buffalo didn't taste like Buffalo at all (I couldn't tell which sauce was which at first) but it was good and not like your regular commercial hot sauce, but the Suicide, this sauce was super flavourful and had a nice spice to it. Great take-out wings!

FAMOUS MOE`s - Ottawa ON

I keep coming back for these take-out wings. They are large and very meaty wings, but the meat can be tough. Also I'm not sure why, but they can sometimes taste burnt. That being said, the sauces on these wings are unlike all the other joints. I've liked what they serve, but I now always get my favourite - Suicide and BBQ mixed together. So good!


This is unique because Holly's Nashville Hot Chicken is a pop-up shop so you never know for sure where she will pop up. At the time I did the review, it was out of Bar Lupulus on Friday & Saturday nights, but as of this posting she isn't doing the chicken thing right now but desserts at other locations. But when I did have it, these Nashville Hot Wings were medium but meaty wings, dredged in spices and fried, served on top of white bread and pickles on top. Oily and dry spiced, you are going to need a napkin. It's a peppery kick that will kick you hard!


I don`t just review wing you know (#itsnotjustaboutwings). - Here are some of the best non-wing food items (that might be wing related) from fingers to burgers and sandwiches!

DQ - various locations - HONEY HOT TOSSED & SAUCED FINGERS

I'm not crazy about the hot food at Dairy Queen, but my curiosity for these Honey Hot fingers got the best of me. These were actually, really good. The chicken strips are lightly breaded and fried nicely, and are good fingers on their own. Then they add the sauce which is a very high fructose honey syrup mixed with Frank's Red Hot, creating a runny, sticky, slightly spicy experience. So good. And they give a LOT of sauce.


I went for their Free Fry Day, but I couldn't pass up the signature Hintonburger at Hintonburger. One of my favourite burgers in the city, the Hintonburger is a 6oz homemade burger, cheese, bacon, and their signature smokey BBQ sauce. Made with the toppings I want, this is a great tasting burger. The fries are fresh cut and also very good. It's a pricey meal, but it's locally sourced, locally made, and is very very good.

SHERWOOD DELI - Ottawa ON - BBQ Chicken Bacon Sandwich

When a convenience store has a line-up almost out the door for sandwiches, they must be doing something right. I love their BBQ Chicken Bacon Sandwich (the most popular is the BBQ Chicken Avacado though) - egg bread, great deli chicken, fresh veggies, and the Sherwood Sauce is just so good. The sandwich is just so fresh and tasty. A must try.


In Montreal you can find a lot of Smoked Meat Sandwiches, and so far I don't think I've had a bad one yet. Reuban's has been around for a long time, and they do a great Smoked Meat Sandwich special with the sandwich, fries, coleslaw, pickle and pop for $14. I upgraded my fries to a poutine, because well, Montreal. The sandwich was sliced thin, was juicy, and just melted in the mouth. Fatty is the way to go.

So not big enough for their own categories, this is a miscellaneous grouping of some topics that need shout outs:


I sampled a number of frozen wings this past year, and most were a pass, but the PC Dry-Rubbed, Hardwood-Smoked Chicken Wings were pretty awesome. Not big, not crispy, but the meat was pretty tender, and the flavour of smoked wings was so there. The Maple BBQ sauce that came with it was not my thing, but the actually smoked wings were. If you don't have a smoker or a BBQ, this is the next best thing.


I love dill pickle chips. So when I saw Dunn's Deli's Dill Pickle Chips at Costco, I knew I needed to try them. This giant bag (like everything at Costco), releases that pungent, sour, dill smell that I could get high of off. The chips are wavy ruffled type that are very stiff and crunchy. They are sour, salty and dilly. They are ideally suited for dipping. Unfortunately I haven't seen them at Costco anymore, so you may never get to try these if you didn't already.


Now technically, technically, I made these wings before 2018, but I didn't post the recipe until 2018. I have to say, this is one of my favourite things to come out of the #lotwtestkitchen. Bacon wrapped wings that are fried, dusted, then sauced via injector, ON THE INSIDE. Not only is it an experience, it's also delicious.


I didn't post a lot of wing experiments I did, but this one was super unique, and turned out pretty fantastic. I grill-fried seasoned wings, then tossed them in ketchup pop-corn seasoning. It may sound weird but it turned out really good. It does not taste like actual ketchup, but more of a sweet BBQ sauce. Mixed with the smell of the charcoal, it was aces.


Out of the Box sent me their signature sauces for me to try. I was house/dog sitting at the time and took advantage of the BBQ, grill-fried some wings, and went to town. These are gourmet hot sauces and some really unique flavours. Cucumber Habanero? Pina Colada? Yes there is a traditional Scotch Bonnet Hot, but they also had Pineapple Mango. These were all really fresh, really tasty sauces and they were truly, out of the box!


I also didn't do a lot of sauce reviews in 2018, but I really wanted to highlight this President's Choice Cayenne & Scotch Bonnet Wing Sauce. Wow - this sauce had some serious heat, and serious flavour. I grill-fried some seasoned wings, then I melted butter in a cast iron pot on the grill, and made a buttery-suicide wing sauce, both brushing the grilled wings and tossing them after. The charred and smokey wings went very well with the sauce that has good flavour, but also a really nice bite. 


2018 wasn't the best year for big events, only 2 wing related ones and I didn't even really post about them. The other two were big life events.

WINGSANITY @ St Louis Bar & Grill

So I'm a bit embarrassed. I went to Wingsanity, St Louis' all you can eat wing event. I had lots of wings, I took photos, and I never posted this review. $20 for AYCE may not sound great, but considering  1lb of wings is nearly $15, if you have two orders you are doing well. I did a bunch of flavours and I want to tell you all about it, but I've lost the info. I will try not to let this happen again!


So I'm embarrassed again. See back in March I went to Kelsey's event where you could win free wings for a year - a hot wing eating challenge where if you won at your local Kelseys, you would win free wings for a year. I was totally on board, however the rules, times and events were very different at the 3 Kelsey's I contacted. I went with the one I had the best chance of winning. I went and went up against about 8 other folks. I gotta say I was impressed because while I didn't win, I was impressed everyone stayed to the end in the competition. They did 9 rounds with different heated wings. It was fun, a little awkward, and I got to eat a lot of wings. I actually slowed down not because of the heat, but the actual eating of wings. I'm getting old. Anyways, I did have the event video taped and I was going to do a full video and posting, but it was around this time my laptop died, along with my editing software. One day maybe ...


Two major life events happened towards the end of 2018, one sad and one happy. The sad one was that my Gramma passed away. Doreen Brown was a wonderful gram, always looking out for me, always kind, always making something delicious. The photo above is from wing night (she didn't know I was taking a photo). I really miss her, a lot.


The other major event was my wife and I bought a house. Yes, after searching for almost 2 years, we moved out of our tiny apartment into a very spacious place to put down our roots. And more excitingly, a new #lotwtestkitchen. Functioning oven, place to deep fry, eventual BBQ set up, and hopefully I can get WingKingTV back up and running. As for now, we are still drowning in boxes, but it's so good to have the home we've always wanted.



One thing has has changed everything about my Lord of the Wing experiences has been Instagram. I love it. It's simple, easy to use, and can really expose my food photography to a much large audience. And I have connected with so many other wing lovers, or Wingstagramers as well. It changed how I post to the blog and how often I post. I love it.

To end everything off, here is my #2018bestofnine from Instagram, the most liked photos that I produced over the year. I'm always shocked at the most popular photos because, well they weren't even necessarily wing photos. My top Instagram post of all time was re-posting Low Cost Cosplays Street Fighter Chicken Wing post. Also really big is my wing memes. Yes I am the top Chicken Wing Memer on Instagram, for whatever that's worth.

That's it, that was 2018. It was a good year for me and a good year to be a wing blogger. I know things are going to be even better in 2019. Although I am late on this post once again (I was so close to having this done on New Years eve!!!) and I'm behind by 3 posts for 2019 already, I'm excited. I love writing reviews, seeing new places, meeting new people. I love it.

So happy new years, and happy new wing adventures to you. Oh, and I hope you like the new Lord of the Wing logos!