Sunday, 22 August 2010

From Toronto to Ottawa and Back

So it is official, I'm back in Toronto.

It's a little strange being back. I've been gone for about two years and I'm right back where I started. Everything is so familiar, and yet so much has changed. I have to say, I am sad leaving Ottawa. Ottawa was a great city and I feel I never got to see all there was to offer. I was just starting to meet more members of a great foodie community and really enjoy eating there. And I think I was starting to have a bit of impact myself.

Just before leaving the Capital, Katie at, THE Ottawa community blog on all the scenes in Ottawa (food, events, arts, etc) contacted me and asked me to write an article about the top 5 places to get wings. I was very flattered and excited to do the write up. A few days later and I found out I was going to be leaving. So I changed the focus to the Top 5 places I was going to miss. And I love the title they gave the article: "The Lord of the Wings decrees: The five best chicken wings in Ottawa.

I'm still going to be going back to Ottawa semi-regularly so its not completely goodbye. There are still lots of places to be trying for wings. But I'm happy in Toronto with so many new chicken wings focused places opened since I left. I'm torn in all directions, but it's all good. Plus I'm probably having chicken wings for supper tonight, so it's all good.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

On The Move . . .

A quick update - I will write a more indepth post in the near future.

As some of you may know, I have been unavailable, post free and out of touch. And here is the reason why: I recently accepted a job in a different city and have spent the last few weeks packing moving packing moving, settling, working, not having Internet, unpacking, etc etc etc.

I'm still setting things up but now that I have the Internet working, I will have:

a) a proper post explaining whats going on
b) wing reviews from a while ago
c) ribfest post

So again, sorry for not being around, but it's been a pretty big life change. I'm excited, but I can't wait to get normalized and blogging once again.


Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Things are ridiculously busy for me right now. I had a crazy busy couple of weeks with Ribfest with 12 plus hours of driving, insane amounts of pork ribs consumed, secret trips, wing tastings, reviews, articles and a whole lot more.

So please bare with me, there is a lot of info coming soon. Big changes and news to be reported very soon. So I'm trying to get my posts up, but it's rough. I apologize for not commenting on blogs, talking to friends, tweeting or being on the Internet recently. I will be back . . .