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Shawarma House Carling is NOW CLOSED - RIP

NOV 2017

Picture it: it's a cold day in November. There's snow, a biting cool breeze in the air, and you need to get something to eat. I don't know about you, but I'm getting wings. Now your first thoughts may not be a shawarma place, but I'm willing to take chances ... for wings.

 Shawarma House on Carling is a go to for shawarma, and every time I've gone in I've seen their advertisements for Mom's Chicken - a fried chicken chain that I've seen attached to take-out joints before. So maybe the wings here might be decent.

Inside the place is plastered with Mom's chicken signs, pictures of menu items (including wings - can you see it in the collage above?), even a cute chef statue. There's lots of seating, but I've never seen many people inside.

Shawarma is the game here, but I was here for wings. On a side note, I'm always fascinated by what take-out containers restaurants use. Shawarma House went with the large circular Chinese style container. I like this kind because it's recyclable but it's a bitch to open and close if you have leftovers.

 Shawarma House has 2 sizes of wings you can order. 15 wings or 30 wings. That's a bold order as most take-out joints are in orders like 10, 15, 20. No if you are going to order wings, you are going to get a lot of wings. I went with 15.

With an order of 15, I had a feeling the wings would be tiny but numerous. I was mostly right. These are not the smallest wings I have had, but they are small. Their redeemable feature is that they are meaty. Unfortunately they lost all crispness that the deep frying would have created.

The sauce for the wings was just Frank's Red Hot. Simple but nothing special. If I was to get these wings once again, I would get them naked with sauce on the side.


These were not bad wings, but they were nothing special. I think the fried chicken sold is done better, and of course, this is a Shawarma restaurant. I was hoping for a hidden nugget of wings, but I didn't find that here. 5.5/12

Shawarma House
3059 Carling Ave. Ottawa ON

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