I am on the quest for THE BEST chicken wings. Chicken wings are the closest I’m going to come to a religious experience, and I’ve devoted myself to finding the ultimate chicken wing: super hot, super flavourful. Crispy, meaty, big. I don’t know if I will ever find it, but I’m searching. Ontario – Canada – The World. If you have a chicken wing, and no one else can eat it, maybe you can call . . . THE WING KING.

LOTW is a blog about chicken wings. Reviews, Recipes, News on all things wings and a few things that are not. It’s updated relatively frequently. I’m currently based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but my reviews and news are global. If you are looking for information on Honey Garlic, I’m sorry, but that’s not a chicken wing and you won’t find anything here on them except scorn.



The Primary Goal of this Blog is to review pubs, bars, restaurants, recipes etc about Chicken Wings - looking for the best chicken wing out there. Buffalo Wings, Hot Wings, and whatever else the culinary world has to offer.

Along the way, I will look at other menu items like appetizers and side dishes and anything that looks and tastes delicious. There will also be posts on chicken wing news and other food related topics, such as suggestions for non-wing lovers and/or vegetarians out there.

No Wing Will Go Un-Eaten
No Drumstick Will Survive
No Chicken Will Be Safe

Lord of the Wings (aka The Wing King)