Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Seen at the Store: Ziggy's Buffalo Style Chicken Breast Strips

I saw this abomination at my local Real Canadian Superstore:

I'm not totally against convenience food from the grocery store - they have their place and their time. I have never used a cooked chicken breast product myself, but this one upset me. Let me rant about these real quick:

  1. Buffalo is a place, therefore it needs to be capitalized. 
  2. Buffalo style? So they are deep fried breasts tossed in a cayenne/butter sauce? Doubt it. Why are there grill marks?
  3. Meat protein is 20% ? Shouldn't it be 100%?*
  4. $5 for 200g seems like a lot ...

*admittedly I have no idea how this is calculated, but to an uneducated protein calculator like myself, something as low as 20% makes it seem super artificial.

THEN I flipped it over:

  2. Why is there sugar in this? Or soy? 
  3. What is the hot sauce?
  4. Dehydrated red wine? That's interesting . . .

Maybe these would be ok to taste? I just don't think so. I would much rather cook a raw breast and avoid all the filler and the preservatives and make my own hot sauce. 

Would you use this? Have you? Let me know.

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