• I am the Wing King, the Lord of the Wings. I became Lord of the Wings in a bloodless coup; I took the titles and named myself. I am the Lord of the Wings because my encompassing passion of all things wings.
  • I eat chicken wings and write about it.
  • I am not a professional food critic or competitive eater.
  • I've lived all over Ontario, Canada but currently I’m residing in Toronto Ontario. I have travelled all over the world sampling chicken wings from Asia to South America.
  • When I'm not eating wings, I work in education, media and other freelance endeavours.
  • Wings have always been my favourite food. Since I was young when my family went out for dinner or I was on a trip, I wanted to try the wings from every place because they are different everywhere. 
  • Wings are an accomplishment food. Whether it’s eating ridiculous amount all at once, or eating the hottest wings on the menu, your meeting a challenge. There’s a sense of accomplishment. You can’t get that from hamburger.


  • In the early part of the new millennium, I had planned on making a chicken wing website, but my web-building skills were pretty weak. Eventually, Blogger came along and everything was easy. I have been writing about wings since 2005.
  • Really, this blog is for me. I was sick of going to a place and not remembering whether they had good wings or not. Coming up with a score and photos, I had something to look back and could reflect on what was good and what was not. Plus people always ask about where to go for wings, and they have a new resource.
  • I write reviews anonymously because I want honest wings that haven’t been doctored up for some media coverage. Obviously some places are going to have an off-day, but you can generally tell when a place cares or not.
  • Currently I don't make money off the blog. Lots of people say I should have advertisements or that I should tell restaurants to get free wings, but I feel that compromises my integrity. Not to say I haven’t accepted a freebie here and there, which I will note in the blog, but I would only ‘endorse’ something that I really stood behind.
  • I will review products or places when invited, with the clear understanding that I will be honest in my review. In general, I try to look for the positive in things, but that’s not always possible.
  • I do my own photography. It’s nothing special and I use a plain point-and-shoot camera. Sometimes my friends will take photos and I post them too, and I credit them where appropriate. I have/do steal the occasional image from the net, but I now try to credit my sources (like from a restaurant website), especially after I found someone not crediting one of my photos.
  • It takes a long time to write on my blog actually. An hour give or take for the meal itself and photos. Uploading the photos, picking the best photos, and Photoshopping can take up to an hour or so. Then uploading to blogger. Then the writing, figuring out what the story or angle exists in the review, then actually writing. Then formatting with the photos and the text: all of that can be over an hour long. Then, actually editing (sometimes I skip this and do it the next day when I actually re-read what I wrote). So about 3 hours, give or take, to do one post. That’s why I can get behind pretty quick.



  • My favourite wings is one that is dusted, deep fried, and tossed in a Buffalo-style sauce that is hot enough to make ME cry. But it has to have a lot of flavour.
  • I hate wing MISINFORMATION! People/Restaurants baking a chicken wing, or breading a wing, and then calling it a Buffalo wing. Also, people who half-eat a chicken wing: they eat down the centre, but leave meat on the ends or everywhere, and then complain that chicken wings don’t fill them up. Also, people who refer to Honey Garlic as a chicken wing.
  • I’ve eaten wings made with the Naga Jolokia pepper that is rated as high as 1 000 000 Scoville units (a jalapeno is 2500-8000). It hurt.
  • Why? Well, there is the accomplishment of doing something others can’t. When you eat spicy food, your body sends out endorphins, which act like a drug, and give you a natural high. That’s awesome too.
  • You can reduce heat by having some sort of milk beverage, or bread. But bear, pop and water will NOT help cut the pain.
  • I also like BBQ sauced wings, dill wings, honey mustard wings, Cajun, tandoori, well, pretty much anything. Just no honey garlic. Not a wing.
  • Blue cheese would be my first choice in dip, but ranch is ok. Actually a good dill dip is good too. Just don’t give me sour cream (Ottawa, I’m looking at you).