Sunday, 21 January 2018

Reddit: Is there anywhere in Ottawa that vegan/vegetarian wings?

Scanning my local Reddit threads, I came across user newottawavegan's post:

Here's what was written so far:

Now here's the thing about threads and posts like this: so many useless or unhelpfull comments. Why? Why waste your time and everyone elses? Why be the troll that no one likes? 

I felt the need to point out and comment here on my own forum about what some of these folks had to say.

So does anyone know any other places for good vegan wings in Ottawa? I don't and would love to know. Ya that's right, I'm cool with vegan wings. Why should my vegetarian friends have as close an experience to wings as possible? Plus, more real wings for me ;)

I'll keep you posted on this thread as it develops . . .

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