Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Great Scott! Happy Back to the Future Day!

"Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads!"
Doc Brown, BTTF II


Today is the day Doc and Marty went to the future, or today, but was the future in the 1980's, What a great movie.

Back to the Future II did give us a cool glimpse at what people envisioned having in the future regarding food; Pepsi Perfect, and dehydrated pizza. But missing was chicken wings of the future.

I haven't had a chance to work on a recipe, but they'd by called 1.21 Gigawatt Wings; they'd be crispy but probably made with a Pepsi-based sauce. I  picture a 'white' heat (because of the lighting) so maybe something with horseradish?  I don't know.

What would your BTTF wings be?

Monday, 12 October 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

This year I'm thankful for a lot of things:

  • Chicken wings
  • My fiancee
  • My family
  • Chicken wings
  • My Friends
  • My Job
  • My Apartment
  • Chicken wings
  • People who still read this blog
  • This Blog
  • and did I mention chicken wings?

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, 7 September 2015

Friday, 29 May 2015

10 Year anniversary dinner

Last night was a celebration night of 10 Years of Lord of the Wings, and a few friends came out to celebrate with me.

Desiree, Priya, Sally and Nathan joined me at Duff's, one of my favourite places for wings in Toronto.

Their dill dip with celery - creamy, dilly, delicious.

Crispy naked wings with sauces on the side: medium, honey garlic, spicy honey garlic, bbq, spicy bbq and some super hot. Also some crispy fries. I was very happy.

Artistic re-rendering of a blurry wing photo.

Such great friends, I was going to treat them, but they treated me!  Thanks everyone!


BEST IN CHOW - Chris Meets the Lord of the Wings

Back in May of 2014 I met with Chris Nannarone, host of Best in Chow, aka Wing Wars, Pizza Wars, Burger Wars etc.

He interviewed me about what makes great wings, and if you haven't seen the whole episode, here is a clip from my meeting:

I gotta say, they made me look a lot cooler than I really am.

Thanks Chris and the crew of BIC!!!!

National Burger Day 2015

With all my #LOTW10Years celebrations, I almost forgot about National Burger Day.

I didn't have a burger today, but I did this past weekend, and it was fantastic.


What's on that?
  • Bacon & beef patty
  • Canadian bacon
  • Smoked bacon
  • Bacon ketchup
  • Cheddar
  • Onion Strings

So meaty, beefy, bacon-ey good!!!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

LORD of the WINGS Blog: 10 Years TODAY!!!

I still can't believe it's been 10 years.

Back in the early 2000's I was living in Toronto, and had been trying to develop a website about my chicken wing adventures, but I was technologically challenged. Along came Blogger, and I decided a wing blog was the way to go.

  In the beginning there were some bumps and stumbles, and it would be several posts before I got into a rhythm of how I wanted to post information. 10 years later and the blog has come so far.

I set out to find the best wings out there, but I found so much more along the journey. Good food, good friends, and good times.

My adventures have included:

  • Judging
  • Interviews
  • Road Trips
  • Eating Challenges
  • Review
  • Recipes
  • News
  • Consultations
  • Social Media (Twitter, WKTV on Youtube)

Who knew that all of this could come from eating wings?

I decided to put together a quick time line and a LOTW by the numbers infographic. Enjoy:

It's been a long road getting from there to here. Thanks to all my friends, family and followers for reading and being a part of my wing experiences. If this is what the last 10 years has brought about, I can't wait to see what the next 10 years bring.

Keep checking the blog for more #LOTW10years retrospectives, info and posts.

Now I'm off to have some wings.

Wing Long & Prosper
Wing King

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Decade of Lord of the Wings???

Did you know that this week will mark 10 years of Lord of the Wings???

Crazy, I know.

Tomorrow, Thursday May 28th will be 10 years since I started this blog. I'm going to have a retrospective, some updates and celebrating with some folks over wings.

So keep checking in and see where LOTW came from, and is going!


Wing King

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Best wings in Kingston???

The Kingstonist had a poll recently about the best wings in Kingston Ontario:

Now I've only been to the Kingston Brewing Company, but what do you think? Where are the best wings in Kingston?


Thursday, 14 May 2015

TMZ interviews Ronda Rousey about wings

TMZ stopped Ronda Rousey, a mixed martial artist and recently turned actress in Furious 7 and the Expendables 3 and apparently a huge wing fanatic, to talk about wings in a quick chicken wing interview.

I have no idea how or why they started this line of questioning, but it's the fist time I was impressed with a TMZ interview:

  • "I like mine super spicy"
  • "someone brought me boneless breaded wings after I beat Sarah Kaufman and I cried. I literally cried. It has to be naked, an it has to have bones in it, and has extra hot sauce, and blue cheese"
  • "I like to take the two bones split in half and suck it off entirely on both sides"

This Ronda knows what she wants in a wing and I appreciate that. The passion for the wing, and for eating them after beating the crap out of an opponent, means I won't correct her that it's a wingette and a drummette (all wing) and not a leg . . .

Monday, 4 May 2015


It's Star Wars Day, May the 4th, May the 4th Be With You . . . get it?

 I decided to honour today with a chicken wing recipe.

I searched the net to see if others had done star wars chicken wings, but I couldn't find anything. I wanted something that would tie into the star wars world, but food isn't very important in this franchise, so I had a pretty clean slate.

Now I'm an Empire man myself, a vetern of the old TIE Fighter gaming series, and the AT-ST's & AT-AT's seemed like a way to go - but nothing tasty seems to fit. Then it hit me, X-Wings have wings right in the name! And they shoot lasers, so blaster/hot/spicy was a natural conclusion.

But I wanted to elevate these wings to another level, and that meant a secret ingredient, worthy of the force. Ketchup Pop Corn Seasoning.


  • Wings (1 pound)
  • Ketchup Flavoured Popcorn Seasoning
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Spanish Sweet Paprika
  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Garlic Powder
  • Baking Soda
  • Flour
  • Liquid Smoke
  • Butter
  • Hot Sauce (3rd Degree)
  • 1-2 eggs (for egg wash)

For the most part, these are pretty straight forward, breaded, deep-fried wings with just a few blaster zaps of flavour to make them nuanced.

Adding some liquid smoke to the wings for, well, smokey flavour. Then a quick dusting of flour to give something for the egg wash to hold on to.

Next I dipped the wings into the eggs, then dropped them into a paper bag with the flour and seasonings. It might be hard to believe, but that`s a drummette in the above photo, and not a leg drumstick. The wings I got at the butchers were massive on this visit.

A little shake shake shake in the bag and these wings were properly breaded. They went onto a wire rack and chilled in the fridge for just over an hour.

Then the deep fryer was heated up and into the oil bath they went.

The wings came out as crispy, delicious looking fried chicken. Not only could you just eat them sauced like this, you could also just eat this as fried chicken.

Now here`s where the "blaster" part of these wings come in - a mix of chili flakes with the ketchup popcorn seasoning. This seasoning came from Bulk Barn, and it's a good quality seasoning. If you are like me, I love popcorn, but love popcorn with various seasonings even more.

The ketchup seasoning doesn't have a strong tomato taste, but rather the sweet yet acidic/sour properties of ketchup. Be generous in your sprinkling of this secret ingredient.

Again, at this stage the wings would be ready to eat as a very tasty dry wing. But these wings need to take on the Empire . . .

. . . so we add a spicy hot sauce/butter mixture that was placed in a squirt bottle and drizzled over. These aren't supposed to be saucy, because you might loose the crispy skin and that ketchup seasoning with spices.

I also decided to have some 'blue milk' that Luke's aunt Beru served on Tatooine. It was just chocolate milk with blue food colouring.

The wings turned out crispy - the skin was deep fried just right. The seasoning mix was tart, sweet and spicy and tasted like no wing I've ever had before. There was also that hint of smoke that gave another layer. The sauce gave that nice lubrication that complimented, rather than detracted. I kept licking my fingers it was so good.

So if you are looking for something unique this Star Wars Day, my Rebel Blaster X-Wings are the way to go. Sharp and accurate, just like an X-Wing's blaster, with a residual smoke trail following.

I did ask the galaxy what they would do, and here are a few good ideas too:

Anyway, May the 4th Be With You . . . Always. And enjoy the new Star Wars trailer if you haven't seen it yet:

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Coming soon . . . Battle of the Wings 2015

I'm super excited because tonight is the Battle of the Wings at my work.

It's the 6th Annual event where our executive chef and the 3 sous chef's fight it out with their signature sauces. No matter who wins the voting, we all win with the eating.

stay posted for updates but in the mean time, you can check out the old reviews HERE
however it seems I didn't post last years . . . crap.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Toronto Reddit Best Wings in Toronto?

I'm not the only one out there looking for the best wings in the city - over on Reddit Toronto this discussion is going on:

What are the best wings in Toronto??? (self.toronto)
submitted  by needtounlockLawrence Park
i [heart] wings but idk where to get the best ones. I like hot buffalo

[–]ManMountainMillard 9 points  
Wheat Sheaf. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday is 1/2 price. I find they are better when it's busy. I like them because of lots of sauce.
[–]Right_All_The_Time 1 point  
This. Been eating there for years. The Sunday-Tuesday after 5 deal for such quality wings is great.
[–]derekpearDovercourt Park 35 points  
Definitely Duffs. Only spot i hit up for wings. And definitely stay away from wild wings, more bone then meat
[–]meows0r 16 points  
can confirm wild wing is shit
[–]KvetzYork Mills 8 points  
Yeah the Duff's location on Bayview has been my go-to wings place for over 5 years. Their hot honey garlic is amazing!
All-Star Wings by STC is decent too
St Louies at Yonge & Eglinton as well
[–]c0nsciousperspective 4 points  
Another vote for Duffs. All the way.
[–]cyclenautYonge and Eglinton 3 points  
Yup. The wing size and buffalo sauces are great! I love me a hot wing and they've got it down over at duffs.
[–]blchpmnk 2 points  
I know its not best to judge a place on its busiest day, but I had theirs for the Superbowl and it was among the worst I've ever had. Dry chicken with mediocre sauces. I wish I'd just bought Pintys from the grocery instead.
[–]derekpearDovercourt Park 1 point  
Funny, i also ordered take out for super bowl (college st) i was a bit disappointed, the chicken was meaty but the sauces weren't right. I know they get ridiculously busy that day and probably pump out a months worth of wings in a few hours. I was there last Friday and left a happy camper
[–]Right_All_The_Time 3 points  
Agreed. Duffs on College.
[–]Eudaimonics 1 point  
Makes sense.
Duffs is an original Buffalo Mainstay.
BWW was founded in Ohio and is based in Minnesota.
Kind of baffles me that Duffs has not ramped up franchising before considering their popularity. Same goes for Anchor Bar which only just opened up its second franchise despite inventing Buffalo styled Wings.
[–]WelshgrrlWychwood Park 18 points  
Crown and Dragon ... Yonge St just north of Bloor, across from Crappy Tire.
[–]bryankerr 1 point  
Crown and Dragon has the best wings in Toronto
[–]Lysergicide 2 points  
I found when I went there the wings were slightly over-cooked and just average.
[–]wurdle 1 point  
And they are half price on Sundays!
[–]fishtaco123 2 points  
I think they put way too much sauce on them. If you like a ketchup based sauce then this might be your spot.
[–]wurdle 0 points  
I've had pretty much every flavour on the menu but the only one that jumps out at me as being ketchup based is the one that is basically just cocktail sauce (ketchup and horseradish).
[–]nl6374Bloor East 4 points  
I usually go to Wings Up in Mississauga. Haven't found anything like it in Toronto.
[–]DDYLK 3 points  
I've been a loyal patron of the original in Milton since my youth. Love these wings!
[–]DietSmurf 1 point  
I was a regular at their KW location when I lived in the area... Been missing them ever since I moved downtown, haven't found anything similar in Toronto.
[–]nl6374Bloor East 1 point  
Haha I used to take the bus all the way to the Kitchener location when I went to Laurier. Now I take the bus to Mississauga from downtown when I have a craving.
[–]thisismeingradenineLittle India 3 points  
Puck N Wings at Bloor/Walmer. Giant wings and many flavours. Monday is wing night, super cheap. It gets busy. It's well worth it. For a pound of wings and a beer, you're looking at maybe $15.
[–]thatwhatisnot 1 point  
Agreed. But that location seems to not ever have the fire breathing dragon sauce yet keep it on the menu.
[–]jylee30Willowdale 5 points  
Try Korean Friend Chicken, won't be disappointed. AjukerThe FryHan Ba Tang.
[–]make_me_a_sandw1chYork Mills 4 points  
Very subjective. If you like old-school hot buffalo style I'd say Duff's. Drums & Flats is a newer place and they're wings are pretty good too.
[–]cosmic_kitty93 4 points  
Duffs is the best!
[–]ywgflyerLiberty Village 1 point  
Drums & Flats makes their suicide sauce with scorpion peppers - - it's actually fairly hot, even for a chilihead like me.
[–]Spinjuleeano 2 points  
Outside of Toronto, but The Duchess and Col Mustards in the Markham area are great. Tuesday night deals: A pound of wings and a pint for 10 bucks at Duchess, 59 cent wings at Mustards. Fantastic
[–]dogstarman 1 point  
[–]KilgoreTout 2 points  
I agree with Hawkerbar.
God damn.
[–]russellamcleodThe Junction 1 point  
Sneaky Dee's. How am I the first to say it?
[–]ilovedillpicklesThe Entertainment District 1 point  
Although I do love Duffs, an alternative is Dogs Bullocks on Queen West has some pretty big wings and they're half price through the week.
[–]Mister_James 1 point  
I was gonna suggest Dog's Bollocks too. Half price Sunday-Wednesday means cheap eats on game day, and they have plenty of different sauces. Tons of beer specials too.
[–]ilovedillpicklesThe Entertainment District 2 points  
Exactly! They aren't the best wings I've ever had, but they certainly aren't bad and at half price you really can't beat it. All the basic wing flavours without getting too extreme into the 100 different types bullshit.
Plus, they're good sized and a half decent selection of beer makes it a win win. Bonus points for a great atmosphere and tons of sports on large screens.
[–]Mister_James 1 point  
Servers aren't too hard on the eyes either. :P
[–]warpzeroRiverdale 1 point  
Not the "best" but still good wings: if you're looking for something different then Wing House on Danforth West of Pape is great. Cheap wing and beer options, and over 100 flavours makes it an interesting change.
[–]poortographerSt. Lawrence 2 points  
Sloppy Joes in Etobicoke has massive wings. Maybe not the best, but they're huge, and 60 cents each on Tuesday and Thursday. Otherwise I'm a fan of Duff's.
[–]shane201 1 point  
Boar N Wings near Dundas street west and Kipling. It's really good wings and the beer doesn't taste watered down.
Also Wing Emporium at Islington Ave and Titan road is pretty good.
[–]greendazeWillowdale 1 point  
I love the 5 spice wings at 1 Hr (Chinatown).
It's a hipster Chinese place, but the wings are so good (all the noodle mains are great as well).
[–]originalnutta 2 points  
Sloppy Joes
[–]giveer 1 point  
Years ago I used to hit up the Tickled Toad up on Steeles Ave on Mondays - (cheap wing night). Wings are freaking huge. Haven't been in ages, but there you are.
[–]torontofittedsNorth Toronto 1 point  
Bistro on Avenue has amazing wings. It's in Lawrence Park too!
[–]The_Sleep 1 point  
Hard question but I love the Olde york Bar & Grill at Wellington and Niagara. They grill the wings and have only their trademark sauce for it but it's awesome and addictive tasting. Sadly a somewhat limited beer selection there. Give them a try though.
[–]denharrow 1 point  
Green Dragon also has good wings, at 1032 Kingston Road, just west of Vic Park.
[–]andrew_c_mortonRoncesvalles 1 point  
The Dizzy on Roncesvalles - their Mexican wings (very hot BBQ) are the best I've ever had. Honourable mentions to Duff's and Crown & Dragon, though...
[–]AkrazRichmond Hill 1 point  
My personal favorite is Wingporium on Islington north of Queensway (Etobicoke). They have the hottest wings on the planet and I still cannot find anything hotter. Black Mamba comes in at 4.5million scoville units.
I consider myself a spice connoisseur so I'm always looking for the spiciest of anything, especially wings. I'm Italian and have been able to out champ West/east Indians and east Asians at their own food. None of their food phases me.
[–]ywgflyerLiberty Village 1 point  
Had the Black Mamba wings a while back and found them to not have a serious bite at all. Maybe it was just the batch of sauce that we were given... but between three of us, we polished off six orders of them, and didn't break a sweat.
Might have to go back and try again.
[–]AkrazRichmond Hill 1 point  
Interesting. The last time I had them was 6 years ago. I hope they didn't change their recipe.
[–]idiotsmile 1 point  
Cranberries on Parliament near Wellesley!
[–]fishtaco123 2 points  
Bishop and the belcher has by far the best wings. They are a good size, they cook them to a crispy perfection and used a franks and butter style sauce. This is close to an Anchor Bar style wing.
[–]The_Sleep 1 point  
Didn't they close down like 12 years ago? Or did they move from Queen West?
[–]Sara_Tonin 1 point  
They're on Church near bloor
[–]mongo5mashChurch and Wellesley 1 point  
They also have a great Sunday deal. You have to be super hungry though.
[–]Broadest 1 point  
Duffs and St. Louis AINEC.
[–]thatwhatisnot 1 point  
Puck N Wings has great wings but crap locations (Yonge and Finch and one in the Annex). Blade fries are a must as a side. Have never heard a bad word about Duffs but haven't been Crown and Dragon is excellent as well.
[–]revolting_blobVaughan 1 point  
actually i didn't really like puck N Wings (I've only been to the Finch location). they have a ton of flavours but not many that actually seem edible. Also the inconsistency throws me off. I'll go there once and everything is great, I get the onion rings with the awesome dipping sauce or some really awesome fries and the dragon wings are amazing.. and the next time I go there it's all different - no sauce available with the rings, fries are completely different flavour and shape, wings are mediocre at best. Sometimes the service is OK and sometimes it completely sucks. Also, if you go there on any night besides Monday, be prepared to pay. And pay. And pay. At Puck N Wings, Monday night isn't wing night - every other night is "fuck you night".
[–]thatwhatisnot 1 point  
I could picture that as the one woman who always works when I go is not really a go getter and makes me feel like she is doing me a favour by coming to take my order. She also was a smartmouth to one of my friends who she accidentally gave my much spicier wings. He was burning up and she la ughed that he couldn't handle the heat nor had any suggestions on how to stop the burning. You work in a wings restaurant. .. know something!!! Aside from this server I personally have had no issues with the quality or consistency of the food, which keeps me going back despite the lack of service.
[–]bury_strangers 1 point  
Toby's. Every night is half price except for Fridays and Saturdays. Get the all dressed. So good.
[–]Sara_Tonin 2 points  
And they're massive too
[–]bury_strangers 2 points  
Genetically modified for your satisfaction.
[–]blchpmnk 0 points  
Can't believe no one's recommended Real Sports yet...
[–]j0hnnyengl1shLeslieville 3 points  
They are good, but my word are they ever expensive. $28 for a dozen.
[–]ywgflyerLiberty Village 2 points  
You can get a steak for less than that at most places.
[–]ifeelbadnow 1 point  
I agree that the wings are awesome but you have to put up so much other crap (horrible service, douchy vibe)
[–]RandomDude9993 0 points  
Duffs or Crown and Dragon
[–]llamand 0 points  
One of my Foursquare friends goes to Tara Inn almost every week
[–]bnke -7 points  
Buffalo wild wings hands down. B-dubs is worth the commute.
[–]ericeric10010Scarborough City Centre -29 points  
Use the search bar...This question has been asked a million times how dumb can you get
[–]make_me_a_sandw1chYork Mills 14 points  
I wouldn't be so hard on the guy. This is a subjective thing and new places are popping up every 6 months at least. If he does a search and finds a thread for 2 years ago is it useful? Maybe, maybe not.
Edit: Did this search myself and the only relevant searches were 2 and 3 years ago respectively. Funny that the main place that I go to didn't exist 2 years ago.
[–]twerketteDon Mills 5 points  
Well since you've read a million threads about great wings in Toronto, how about recommending some instead of taking up cyberspace with your unnecessarily rude comment.
[–]needtounlockLawrence Park[S] 2 points  
You're an idiot ass

I agree with Duff's as one of the best in the city. Like all internet forums, I find it funny/annoying when someone asks a question, people change it. Specificially, this asked for best wings in Toronto, yet people mention best wings outside the city. Oh internet . . .

So where is YOUR favourite wing place in Toronto? #LOTWwants2know