Wednesday, 28 September 2011

WWWWWW #50 - Merrick Petcare

Yes, World Wide Web Wacky Wing Wednesday. WWWWWW. This is where I will surf the Web, and find other people talking about chicken wings. The world is full of chicken wing stories, wacky and otherwise. Recipes, restaurant reviews, eating contests or whatever. Today's Blog relating to wings in some shape or form:

WWWWWW# 50 and today we are talking about wings and pet food. Yes you heard that right. Merrick makes pet food. But not just any pet food. We are talking 'gourmet'. I think this is a bit crazy, but I mean, they have dog food chicken wings.

From their website:
"Our mission statement is “Comfort for the Soul,” and we do that by offering you simple, nutritious and healthy products. You want to be a good pet guardian and our products give you comfort to know that you are giving your pet a healthy meal and treat. We feel the same way because we are pet guardians just like you. In fact, we don’t have just dogs and cats, we currently have llamas, ducks, chickens, emus, zonkeys (that’s right a cross between a donkey and a zebra), goats, koi and longhorns. When my father started our treat company, he put the following scripture from the Bible on our boxes, and we still display this Proverb today; “A good man is concerned for the welfare of his animals.” I don’t know many people who could argue with that, and we feel the same way. Knowing we are committed to this verse is “Comfort for the Soul”.


"Once upon a time there was a magical place called Wingaling and it had the best tasting chicken in the world. Nutty brown rice simmered in savory gravy that naturally marinates these delicious chicken wings on the bone to add flavor. The Merrick's would like to welcome your dog into this wonderland of flavor that is chicken paradise.

A NOTE FROM THE CHEF: please read before feeding. Our slow cooked whole chicken wings offer marinated tender chicken cooked on a softened bone. THIS SPECIAL COOKING PROCESS MAKES THE BONE MUSHY AND SAFE FOR YOUR DOG TO ENJOY. Feel free to serve whole or to break apart the chicken and soft bones for ease of pet consumption."

They also have it in a smaller serving. Cute.

Wild Buffalo Grill

"It's winter in the Rockies at a quiet cabin with the one you love, a good book and a warm fire. The taste of the west is on the menu tonight. Buffalo and a host of tasty vittles are warming on the stove. The Merrick family is happy to share this original taste with your canine friend. The Merricks say Howdy and thanks. Wild Buffalo Grill is prepared with Buffalo, Cracked Pearled Barley, Zucchini, Carrots, Snow Peas, & Fuji Apples."

This I misread. I was thinking Buffalo wings, not actual Buffalo.

Don't forget Turducken.

Or Burger Pie & Sweety Fries.

Or what dog doesn't love sports? So Gameday Tailgate naturally is the meal for them.

So how about you - would you serve your pet gourmet chicken wing food?


Ricky said...

Dude, your copy and pasted text from the dog food site is slightly unreadable. Yes, I realize I can just highlight it all to read it, but seriously, that's way too much effort to read about dog food.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Ricky - thanks for pointing that out. It was fine in my browser, but when I tried another I saw what you meant.

dlb said...

Seriously - that gameday tailgate food almost made me pee myself. "What dog doesn't love sports?" Hahahaha....

Chris said...

Wait a second. The price of wings has been rising for the recent years due to the high demand which implies there is a wing shortage. And they are feeding wings to dogs? THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE STOPPED! We should picket their factory and get them shut down.

Just let the dogs eat their natural diet....cats!

(my entire comment is in jest before anyone other than LOTW gets their knickers in a wad)

Teena in Toronto said...

My cats love the Thanksgiving Dinner.

BTW, I had wing soup Friday night :(

Lord of the Wings said...

@dlb - I know, right?

@Chris - Ya good point. Why are dogs getting wings? And really, let them eat cats!

@Teena - a)awesome that you serve these! b) wing soup?! how was it?