Tuesday, 13 September 2011



What's better than spending a beautiful day on a patio eating wings? 
Nothing right?

Then something was wrong with a lot of other people.

The Foxes Den is a quaint little pub up on Bay street across from St Michael's College at UofT. On the East side of the street its all concrete jungle . . . except for the oasis that is the Den. You can see in the photo above the very private patio that is covered by ivy and other plant. When I went to sit on the patio, I was flabbergasted that no one was out there. I went inside to let the waitress know I was out there, and no one was inside either.

Oh well, I was happy to have the space to myself and some tiny birds looking for a hand out. I chatted with my waitress Beth about how quiet the patio was, and she said she was expecting a big rush, but the first customer didn't come until 12:30! And I was there not long after that. Beth was very sweet and friendly and before long I had a drink, and then some wings.

The wings looked good, but there was something about that little metal bowl that made me feel something special for this lunch.

There are four flavours at the Den. Old school. The heats and honey garlic.

On the side you have veggies and blue cheese dip. This was a seriously good blue cheese dip. Maybe I was just in the right mood, but I gobbled up the veggies and even dipped my wings after (I rarely dip my wings). I also like that it was in a washable bowl instead of a disposable container.

The wings come by the pound, and at the Den (I don't know if anyone actually calls them "The Den" but I think this is something that could catch on) a pound is about 9 wings. I always find it funny how apparently there is no standardization in the poultry world what a pound is.

These were not a jumbo wing. These were not a big wing. They were a small to medium sized wings. They were meaty, and they were crispy due to the dusting on the skin.

I went with the 'Hot' wings. They weren't hot. No bite. But good. The sauce tasted like a straight bottled sauce, no in house additions. The wings were also 'wet absorbed', as in they were well coated in sauce, but it was not wet to the touch, but absorbed into the skin. But the wings stayed crispy, so that's good.

FINAL SCORE: Wings were good, standard wings. A little crispy, a little little. Decent sauce, nice crispy skin with dusting. Great service. Loved the patio outside and can't understand why no one else was out there, but my win.  There is some question as to whether wing night still exists, so the SCORE is about 6/10.

The Foxes Den
1075 Bay Street, Toronto ON


Teena in Toronto said...

I haven't been there for a couple years.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Teena - was it good then?

Anonymous said...

Looks very bright out for wing njght must be pm not am is this why there is no one there?

Lord of the Wings said...

@Anonymous - no this was noon. Lots of people on the street but non on the patio.