Sunday, 11 September 2011


Just before the end of summer I took a trip out to The Beaches area of Toronto. I've been out in the East end before, but I took some different streetcars and buses to explore different areas. I had a plan: go for a burger at one of the most acclaimed burger joints in the city (it was closed). I had to go to a chain instead, but I did see Guillermo del Toro there (I kid you not, at least I'm 95% sure it was him). Then I was off to a matinee at the cinema, with plans to go out for wings that night. I had two places in mind to try.

After the movies I headed to the Northern part of the Beaches. I arrived to the first place I had picked out and it was packed. Early. On a Sunday. So I went to my second location. I walked into the middle of a dart tournament. I was the youngest in the crowd by 20 years at least. I didn't feel comfortable. So where to go? I saw a third pub and made my way there. Something turned me off from that place. I started walking down the street trying to figure out where I could possibly go when a fourth place came up a block away. The patio outside was empty, it was a beautiful afternoon, so I went for it.

I ended up at Mullin's Irish Pub. It seemed like just the kind of place I was looking for. I walked in and let Casie the server know I was going out to the patio (I do this now after so many instances in the past where I sit on the patio and no one comes to check if new customers have arrived). Inside was small and cozy, wood covered everything, and just seemed like a classic pub, complete with regulars. I headed back outside to enjoy the wonderful weather.

There was one guy on the patio, but he had a take-out container - so I assumed he was leaving soon. I took a four person table to myself because a) I didn't want to sit next to the guy and b) it was so quiet I didn't think it would matter.

Casie brought me a menu and took my drink order. Then two gentleman came out from inside and started playing chess at the table beside me. Guy in the corner stayed the whole time to watch them play. I opened the menu and noticed no wings. No appetizers even. This was devastating to me, mainly because I had not had wings for a long time, it's all I wanted, and I already had several disappointments that day.

 I looked over it again. Still no wings. And I wasn't in the mood for the other pub food. Casie came back to ask if I was ready to order, I closed my menu and said I needed a few more minutes. She left, and I looked at the cover of the menu: appetizers. And there were the wings. Now I could sit back and relax. It was wing eating time.

I also wanted to point out Casie was great. Friendly service, got me refills on cola, answered questions. Thanks!

The wing offerings at Mullin's is pretty simple. Deep fried wings with a few sauces. But by keeping it simple they could do it right.

This is the classic pub wing set up: plastic basket with checkered paper, deep fried tossed wings, with veggies and dip. The chopped parsley was a nice visual.

Celery and carrots. Too many places forget this these days. Came with a side of dip.

The wings were deep fried crispy. Perfect skin. The wings themselves were fairly large (lengthwise that is) and   medium meatiness. Tender meat - the chicken itself was just really good. The wings were not saucy, but I could really get a taste of the chicken, the skin as well as the sauce.

I had the wings Hot, but as usual they were not. But they were a standard cayenne based sauce that was tasty. I never wanted this basket of wings to end.

THE SCORE:  I really liked Mullin's. The patio was great, the service was great, the wings were great. Yes they were simple wings, but simple wings done right. Big, crispy, tasty. I want some right now. 6.5/10

Mullin's Irish Pub
917 Kingston Road, Toronto ON (the website is for the other location on Bay Street. Similar but slightly different)


Anonymous said...

AWWW...THANX for the GREAT review Lord of the Wings!!!

Lord of the Wings said...

@Anon - Thank you(?) for the great wings!