Saturday, 17 September 2011

Old and New posts

I mentioned recently that I've been catching up on posts due to being busy for the past month. But I've actually been much more neglectful than I thought.

I try to keep my Lord of the Wings files in order. I have a complex system of folders and catagories and such. Arranged by type of wing and by year etc etc etc.  But since moving back to Toronto I haven't been on top of things they way I used to be. So not only did I have unattended files for the past month, I also had more from the summer, and even one from a couple of years ago. Wow.

So for the next couple of, I don't know, I want to say days but lets say weeks, I'm going to try to bring things up to speed. Most of these posts are recipes, sauce reviews, chip reviews etc. I don't know what happened, but lets try and make things right.

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