Monday, 27 April 2009

Nibble Me This ~ People in my Bloggerhood

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, a beautiful day for a neighbour, and today, we are talking with Chris @ Nibble Me This.

One of the great things about the Internet is the ability to communicate with people all over the world. Here I am, way up in Ontario, Canada, and I can read and write to Chris way down in Tennessee USA. While I've only been following his blog for a few months now, I really dig his BBQ (real BBQ - here in Ontario BBQ generally means anything cooked in a metal box outdoors. REAL BBQ is smoked, the rest is 'grilling') and some really tasting looking recipes. I am extremely jealous of his Big Green Egg.

Some tasty highlights include (from centre than clockwise): Old Bay Wings (yes, wings smoked on the BGE), BBQ Pork Loin Back Ribs - I love the colour of the ribs, and the helpful membrane removal video!; His Gyro (which I have always wanted to do since I saw it on Good Eats too); Atomic Buffalo Turds; and this genius creation . . . Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots . . . Oh yes. I can't read his blog close to dinner because I get resentful of what I made for dinner.

Chris and I sat down* and chatted about blogging with ME in GREEN, and Chris in BLUE:

*NOTE: sitting down is in reference to our respective homes in our own seats over the Internet via e-mail correspondence.

Who are you & where do you live?
Chris G and I live in Knoxville, TN.

What is Your Blog?
Nibble Me This. I picked that title as a play on the Riddler's "Riddle me this.." line in the classic Batman TV show.

Why did you start blogging?
Originally, I was blogging as a personal journal. Since then I've changed to having two blogs, one for photography and this one for cooking.

What do you want out of your blog?
Oh the usual. Fame, fortune, and groupies. Seriously, I get a few things. First, having to WRITE what I did with a dish forces me to have to really analyze what I did through the whole process. I think that makes me do it better the next time. Second, I love exchanging ideas with other bloggers (e.g. "blatantly rip off other peoples creativity").

How Long Have you been Blogging?
I've only had Nibble Me This from the beginning of this year .. My old blog started back in 2004 I think.

What is your favourite blog (you know, other than LOTW :p)?
There are other blogs than LOTW? Who knew? For The Love Of Cooking ( is probably one of my favorite food blogs. I am so envious of Pam's cooking and photography skills. I don't want my blog to be just like hers but I want to blog as well as her. The quality of her blog is my target right now.

Do you feel there’s real interaction between you and your readers?
Sure! I have exchanged cards, books, and jars of rub with various bloggers. We've even had Brandi of Excess Baggage ( stay at our home a few times and she didn't even kill us in our sleep.

Any crazy blog-related stories?
There was this one time....wait, I'd better not tell that one.Then there, I can't share that one either.Nope, not a one ;)

What is your favourite chicken wing?
I am ashamed to admit to LOTW, that my favorite commercial wing is just Hooters medium (when they are done well). I just love the breading, sorry! [LOTW edit - never feel bad about a chicken wing!] At home, my favorite is wings that I have trimmed. Still looking for the perfect rub. Then grilled over lump charcoal with cherry wood mixed in. In the last few minutes, I toss them in 50/50 butter/hot sauce and put them back on to finish. Simple but great!

Do you have a favourite cooking show?
Alton Brown's show is probably my favorite. I like his quirky sense of humor and how he explains the science behind what he's cooking.

Do you cook? What is your specialty?
Cooking is my therapy. It's how I unwind after work and on the weekends. I guess my "specialty" would be cooking on the Big Green Egg. Not just smoking or grilling, but trying to use it for dishes you normally wouldn't think of doing "on a grill" like meatloaf, pizza, etc.

What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?
My wife once made me try sushi. I can't stand cooked fish, so sushi was so awful. It was horrible....I....I....I'm sorry, I can't continue this interview [unclips microphone, stands up and walks out]

Well hopefully Chris survives his bad sushi memory and gets back to grilling beef, pork and chicken!


Brandi said...

LOL I had no clue Alexis made Sushi once, when was this? <---directed at Chris.

Hi Lord Of The Wings, I am stopping by because Chris told me so. I'm glad he did cause these questions had me busting a gut. It's because of our dear Chris that I finallly opened up and tried ribs. YUM!!!

Great interview! : )


ps ... now I'm dying to do know all of Chris' juicy blogger secrets. Hmmm

Lord of the Wings said...

Hey Brandi - thanks for dropping in. If you have any stories on Chris - I'd loved to hear them! And I'm glad he got you to have Ribs!!! What about wings?

Teena in Toronto said...

I just went over and said hello :)

Brandi said...

Oh I have all the best stories, it's fun sitting back and being the fly on someone's couch. :D He has not broken me down for wings though, he could try but I doubt he shall ever succeed, no offsense to your greatness, Lord of the Wings. :p

Chris said...

What a doofus! You let people like him read your blog??? ;) Thanks for the post, I enjoyed it!

Brandi: She didn't MAKE it. We were at a teppanyaki joint.