Monday, 6 April 2009

King Edward Pub Update

Back in November, I joined the London Crew out for a dinner at a great little pub in Ilderton Ontario called The King Edward Pub. The wings here were so good, they were my Best Wings General Ontario for 2008 (ok to be fair, I didn't review any other wings in 2008 outside of Ottawa or Toronto, but KEP's would have been tops I'm sure).

Well, Rich Hunter, owner of the KEP contacted me to reveal their revamped wing menu. Our waitress the night I was there said they were going to be unleashing a huge menu of wing flavours, and I have a copy, which I'm sharing with you:

Page 1 items that sound good to me: The Dragon, Aztec, and Tequila Tango . . .

Page 1 items that really have my interest: Mesquite, Honey Mustard and Jerk. What would you try?

I can't wait to get back to the KEP and try these out. Also, Rich pointed out a mistake I made in a review about the UrBUN sauce, not UrBAN like I had thought, and gave its origin. Here's where I messed up:
"Note the spelling to, it started out with a customer, last name Urbshott ("Urby"), wanting medium and BBQ mixed on his wings, fair enough. I then added some Cajun spices, 'Urb' from Urby and the 'un' from Cajun."

Thanks Rich!

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