Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Another day back in Cornwall. And on the edge of Cornwall was an establishment advertising wing night. It was the day before, but I thought why not stop in and try the wings at City Limits Bar & Grill.

The building looks like it could be a pool and water sports store with its giant roof/warehouse feel. There's a big patio on one side, where I'm sure in warmer weather a good time could be had. There was even a BBQ station where they seem to have a special patio menu. I love a good outside grilling station.

The inside of this bar/grill was not clearly defined. It wasn't horrible, but if I was led in blindfolded, I would have no idea what kind of place this was. There were flat screen TV's suggesting sports barish, Aztec and other 'cultural' art, and then there was kind of a family restaurant vibe. Even the music went from hip hop to alternative to pop. The clientele inside when I arrived (very busy, unlike the photo below) ranged from a family, to a couple of guys in suits, to some blue collar workers. I guess it's trying to appeal to as many people as possible.

My server (never got her name) was friendly but awkward, like she wasn't sure why some strange guy was in here eating by himself. She was pretty quick with orders, like my Pepsi in a jar (I love getting drinks in non-traditional items. Jars, measuring cups, etc.). She also gave me some pointers on the wings.

Before getting to the wings, I got a side of fries to 'balance' the meal. Did I just say fries balance out this meal? Clearly I'm deluding myself.

Anyways, the fries were light golden, crispy, but really soft, pillowy inside. They were plain coming out, but some salt and vinegar quickly fixed that. Oh and ketchup and suicide sauce. Suicide sauce that I got with the wings.

A standard plate of wings, 8 (the photo below shows 7, because I got hungry before I got my camera ready) with a side of carrots and celery. But no dip. No blue cheese, no ranch, not even Eastern Ontario sour cream. A note to restaurants, you have to give dip to the veggies, otherwise, why????

The wings are dusted, then deep fried. They were crisp, and they were relatively meaty. Not a lot of sauce on them though. They were also about a medium to medium/small wing.

I originally just ordered hot with a side of "No Limits" (or suicide), but my waitress recommended their 'Buffalo' sauce instead of hot. Curious what 'Buffalo' was over a 'Hot', I asked her what it was, she said that it was their hot sauce with garlic and other things in it. Curious and interested in a change, I went with the 'Buffalo'. First off, FAIL in the name. Why, because this is not 'Buffalo' sauce at all. Stop bastardizing the name.

But the flavour of the sauce was tasty. I mean, it really was just a really garlicky hot sauce. The inclusion of actual minced garlic at least said to me that they put some personal effort into making it and not JUST pouring it out of a jug. It was a nice change, but it wouldn't be my go to sauce.

And I went with their "No Limits" sauce on the side, just in case it wasn't very good. But it wasn't bad. Actually it wasn't that much hotter, and it seemed to be just added Tabasco. When my waitress asked how it was, I said it was good but I could eat much hotter. She agreed and said she always asks them to put in a ton of Tabasco when she orders them. That's cool, because most servers I have say they can barely deliver a suicide sauce, let alone taste it.

FINAL SCORE: City Limits is a pretty generic restaurant from my visit. The fries were tasty, I got pop in a jar, and some wings that were trying to be something special, but they need to keep going. Good start, but your not there yet. 5/10

City Limits Bar & Grill
17369 Cornwall Centre, Cornwall, On

Click HERE for their yellow pages menu I photographed.


Chris said...

Thanks for explaining the "difference" between hot and "buffalo" sauce....I was wondering that earlier on in the post!

My wings last nice were nice and fat, although as I was cutting them up, there was one where half of the drummette bone was missing. Meat was there.....but no bone. I tossed it just to be on the safe side.

Aztec sports bar, huh? Did they have the mezoamerican ball game ( on the big screen? ha ha

Teena in Toronto said...

They don't look all that great :(