Monday, 6 April 2009

Another chicken wing dream . . .

. . . this time it wasn't mine, but my buddy Brad's. But man, it was a hoot. NOTE: I've altered it SLIGHTLY for some privacy.

"I thought I'd share my dream last night.

So, Amanda was in Virginia visiting her relatives and for some reason she needed to be picked up. (yes, Amanda needs to get her licence). Of course, the job to pick her up, fell on us; Randy, Wing King, Ricky and Brad.

There we are driving down south, we come to this intersection, and Rick who was driving asked Randy in the back seat: "Ok, Dude (Randy) which way?" I look into the backseat at Randy, and there he is fiddling with a stack of napkins, in which randy had jotted down all the directions to Virginia! He had obviously lost a napkin that had the directions that we needed at that time..... oh BOY! Ricky got sooooo pissed at Randy. I was thinking, Oh boy, that's all we need is a fight to erupt in Virginia, then we all look over to Wing King, and he's eating chicken wings; his face is completely covered in sauce, and he's wiping his hands off, using, YES, the very napkin that had the directions on it.

The dream ended at that moment, but I woke up laughing to myself and all I can say is how much I miss all you guys, miss the good ol' times driving around!!!"

Yes, my chicken wing obsession can cause all sorts of trouble. The important thing to remember is that is that we all haven't hung out for 2 years, with Dude in China. But we will all be reunited in a few months, and hopefully, that reunion will involve wings. But not me getting us lost.

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