Monday, 12 January 2009

WK New Years Eve 08-09 Pizza

New Years Eve requires something special - and for LJ and me who were staying in (too cold in the Capital to go out), a thin crust pizza was called for.

On went my new apron, and it wasn't long before I was covered in flour! I made one for LJ and one for me, and my instructions are for mine (hers was minus a few ingredients).


  • pizza dough (I used frozen from a Loblaws)
  • pizza sauce
  • flour
  • mozzarella cheese (and some marble)
  • spicy calabrese salami
  • bacon (cooked)
  • onion
  • hot sauce
  • garlic powder

  1. Kneed, toss, flip the dough. And roll with a rolling pin in flour. Over and over. Until the pizza is super thin. That is the key to thin crust. Get it? Good.
  2. Spread pizza sauce - THIN - unless you like it thick. I like it thin. Add a few splashes of hot sauce (I used Frank's Buffalo).
  3. Sprinkle some garlic powder.
  4. Add cheese. Ottawa style says cheese goes on last, but I prefer it on the bottom, reserving some for a smidge on the top.
  5. Add rest of toppings, sprinkle the last of the cheese on top.
  6. Bake in oven at approx 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Enjoy when cheese is melted and slightly golden.

My pizza on the right, LJ's on the left. Hers has mushrooms (gross) and Ottawa style cheese.

Getting ready for the oven.

So very thin - notice even the thin sauce - a key to not overpowering the pizza.

DONE - through the magic of blogovision.

LJ's with melted cheese and tasty looking bacon. MMMMmm bacon.
Ewwww mushroom. I'd rather have crab juice.

Mine, looking tasty.

The crust was nice and this, right amount of sauce, spicy meat, crispy salty bacon.
This was my favourite pizza I've ever made.

WHAT COULD I HAVE DONE DIFFERENTLY? Well, I think other than some other toppings, like actual pepperoni, or jalapenos, not much. For making pizza myself, my new rule is THIN THIN THIN. Thin crust, thin sauce. But lots of cheese can't hurt.
Happy New Year from the Wing King!!!!!!!

Ewwww, mushrooms!


Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! They look yummy!

I'm with you re 'shrooms :( Ewww!

Lord of the Wing said...

Why ruin a pizza with it? That's all I have to say about that.