Wednesday, 28 January 2009


So Cornwall has wings after all. After a long day of touring the town again, the countryside, and waiting for LJ, I discovered a lot more eateries and pubs than I had thought existed. By the time supper (early supper) came around, it was in my hands to find a place to eat. While there was a burger joint and and a BBQ place that seemed interesting, I had passed a pub that looked like a nice place to eat.

I didn't remember reading anything about Remington's pub before, so it was just a complete chance of a place. It was just after 4 and the place was empty except for a few people at the bar and another table. All eyes were on us entering the place (second time that day!) but our waitress, who I can't remember her name, was so friendly. A mature woman with a very happy disposition just charmed the pants off me (not literally of course), but her warm welcome just made us feel, well, welcome.

I ordered wings, and she informed us it was wing night, technically it was at 5pm, but she said she'd ring it in anyways. I went with hot wings, bbq wings, and I asked for a side of their hottest sauce, OUCH. She told me that they stopped serving it because it was just too hot - people were sweating and getting sick from it it was too hot. I asked her what it was and she said she would get the chef.

She brought over the chef? (he wasn't in any kind of cooking clothes, owner perhaps?) and he explained it was a sauce called 1 Million Scoville, that they ordered in from the USA. They used maybe 5-7 drops of the stuff for a big stock pot of bbq sauce to make OUCH, but it was just too much for people, and they were having problems getting it across the border so they stopped ordering it recently. Dang I would have like to try it! I had to settle with suicide instead.

LJ went with the steak sandwich. After ordering, she saw another patron get onion rings and regretted not ordering that. However, when her sandwich arrived, it came with lattice fries. I love lattice fries - crispy but potatoey, and often sprinkled with a bit of spicy seasoning. Other than 4 large tomatoes and large lettuce leafs, she really enjoyed the sandwich. It was a good foot long, and I regret not asking to try some! But I did have a ton of wings to go through.

With wing night, wings must be ordered in multiples of 10, and I decided, well it's wing night, so lets go with 20. I know, I was glutton. And to skip to the end of the book, I ate them all too.

The wings were a medium to medium-large wings, so my plate was definitely full. They were meaty enough, but unfortunately the chicken was a bit rubbery. That was certainly the worst aspect of the wings.

The skin was lightly dusted, which gave it a crispy skin. The hot half were a little mushy having absorbed the hot sauce (but there wasn't much sauce). The bbq was pretty wet, and well suicide came on the side. Let's break down those sauces.

The hot was pretty meek, again. It was typical cayenne pub hot sauce, and there wasn't much. It was all absorbed into the wings, which makes for a tasty marinated wing, but I like a saucy wing.


The bbq saucy was pretty sweet. Sweet as in sugary, not as in slang. It was a nice sauce, but I think it needed a little more smoke and a little more spice, but I liked it.


This is what I liked about the suicide: it was homemade. At least, it was a concoction of things, not just a bottled sauce. It was sweet (perhaps the bbq sauce was the base?) but the heat came from some spices that I couldn't identify. It had a strong taste of a homemade Indian hot sauce paste that I once had, but I have no idea what was in it. But I'll be honest, I didn't like it. It had a good kick, but it wasn't a sauce I liked the flavour of.

THE SCORE: I like taking a gamble, and Remington's was a gamble. Did it pay off? Well I think I broke even. I got great service, and I got a lot of wings for cheap. They were not the best wings but they weren't bad. LJ's dish was good. But I think this place gave me hope for Cornwall after all. 5.5/10

Remington's Pub
103 Montreal Road, Cornwall

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Mindgrinder said...

Pffft - had trouble getting it across the border. Its easy to get any sauce over 1 Million from any hot sauce web-site.