Tuesday, 13 January 2009

First Wings of 2009 ~ More Wild Wing

There is nothing more exciting than the first wings of the season. Fresh out of the fryer, spices filling the nose, and hunger hitting the stomach. I love wings.

I've been a bit nostalgic for the first wings of the year. In 2006 and 2007 my first wings of the year involved going to Dangerous Dan's Diner - 2006 (Here & Here) because my crew were in Toronto for New Years, and 2007 because we were on the way back from Peterborough.

In 2008 I visited Ottawa with Costco wings with LJ while the others were in London. This year was Ottawa again. I miss our visit to the Triple D, but times move on and so do we, how we do it is no mystery. One by one (one by one), we fill the days, We find a thousand different ways. Remember Empty Nest? I do.

This past weekend LJ and I were out running errands and lunch time came around and we just happened to be near Wild Wings. LJ suggested it not me. I was surprised as much as anyone that my first wings of 2009 were almost 2 weeks since NYE! I've done the whole Wild Wing review before, so I'm just going to give you some quick points on these wings.

I had heard about a secret sauce at WW called "The Managers Special" that is the absolute hottest sauce that is not on the menu, and can only be ordered when the manager is in. This intrigues me a lot, but I just wanted a tasty wing. I went with Hot Dill Pickle - which is hot sauced wings that are then tossed in Come Get Some (or creamy buttermilk dill). And as you can see above, they were generous with the sauce.

The wings are super meaty, and I heard two guys beside our table who ordered 2 10 orders each wow themselves because the wings were bigger than they expected and they had probably over ordered. But you can never over order on wings.

The hot sauce is just Franks, but its tasty, and the creamy dill makes for an interesting yet dill-licious paring. There was almost too much dill, but I'm not really complaining.

LJ went for the chicken fingers tossed in hot sauce. It was real chicken fillets, not ground chicken, in a light dusting. She liked them, and I thought they were a decent alternative to wings.

Her tenders came with fries, and she upgraded to the popular gar-par fries. A creamy garlic and Parmesan mixture, that was extremely generous with their sauce as well. These are a pretty big indulgence and I couldn't imagine eating a whole order on my own.

Overall, this was a good first wings of the year. And I can't complain about this new tradition - the company was excellent.


The Benny's said...

I have had Gar Par wings there, they are good. What is Gar Par? Where can you purchase it?

Lord of the Wing said...

Hey Benny's,

Thanks for checking out the blog!

Gar-Par wings are good - I reviewed them last year here


Garlic and Parmesan sauce is creamy and decadent, but Wild Wings basically use Renee's caesar dressing and add parmesan to it.

If you try to make it at home, let me know how it goes!