Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Wing Eating Contest . . .

I got wind of a wing eating contest for the upcoming Superbowl, and its my intentions to join in. I've never done one before, but boy does it excite me. What's at stake is free wings for a year, but I'll be honest, I'm more interested in the title, rather than the free wings. Well, free wings are cool too, but I would join in just to join in.

The competition as I understand it is who can eat a pound and a half (I think) the fastest, plus a drink. Now, I would prefer a heat-off, or even a most consumed, but I think I can do it.

To start training, I'm turning to my two personal heroes in the world of competitive eating: Joey Chestnut and Sonya 'The Black Widow' Thomas.

Joseph Christian "JAWS" Chestnut

An American competitive eater currently ranked first in the world by the International Federation of Competitive Eating. He is a Vallejo, CA native who currently resides in San Jose, CA.


  • Chicken Wings: 7.05 pounds of wings in 12 minutes during the TripRewards Ultimate Hot Wing Eating Championship in New York City on May 21, 2007.
  • Chicken Wings: 241 wings at Wing Bowl XVI in Philadelphia, on February 1, 2008.


Chestnut trains by fasting and by stretching his stomach with milk, water, and protein supplements. Three days before winning a chicken-eating contest in Boston, in November 2005, Chestnut drank gallons of water in under one minute and ate buffalo wings to get his stomach accustomed to them.


Sonya "THE BLACK WIDOW" Thomas

Atop-ranked Korean-born American competitive eater from Alexandria, Virginia. Thomas joined the International Federation of Competitive Eating in 2003 and quickly rose to the top of the ranks, beating eating greats such as Cookie Jarvis and Eric Booker.

The 98-pound Thomas is the number four competitive eater in the United States, and ranked fifth in the world , with 29 world titles. Her nickname "The Black Widow" refers to her ability to regularly defeat men four to five times her size. While the size of her stomach is only slightly larger than normal, her skinny build is perhaps her biggest advantage, allowing her stomach to expand more readily since it is not surrounded by the ring of fat common in other heavy eaters. She holds records in over 25 eating competitions, and in December 2008, she defeated top-ranked eater Takeru Kobayashi in a fruit-cake eating contest.

  • 173 chicken wings in 12 minutes
  • 1st place in "National Buffalo Wing Eating Contest" and "Buffet Bowl" at Buffalo, NY's WingFest 2007


Thomas exercises up to two hours a day on an incline treadmill, and has maintained her weight since she started competing in 2003, down from 135 pounds when she worked as a typist in Korea. Her lowest weight has been 99 lb. at Wing Bowl XII in 2004, while training with Puerto Rican Martial Arts Master Jonathan Kuhns. She only eats one very large meal a day, which takes several hours for her to complete. A typical post-work meal for her would be three large orders of fries, a chicken Whopper, 20 chicken tenders, and two 32-ounce diet soft drinks.
She does not practice eating at maximum speed for more than a two-minute period


I'm not going to these extremes in my 'training', but I will be doing what I can to dominate over the others. This is going to be sweet.


Teena in Toronto said...

What fun!

Good luck!

MindGrinder said...

I won the first Canadian Defcon Death Match. An experience I won't soon forget.

Training is good. You should have the one hand one bite tear down pretty good by now one should hope.

Lord of the Wing said...

That is awesome! I haven't been training consistantly - I find it so hard not to enjoy every little peice of chicken skin and sauce! I'm not used to timed eating but I'm learning.

Anonymous said...

The Puerto Rican Martial Arts Master, Jonathan Kuhns, is rumored to be starting a competitive eating boot camp in San Juan.