Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Updates coming for 2009

Hopefully I will be getting some updates soon to the blog. I've been neglecting some general maintenance and some things for the future:

1] A New Score

Ya, it seems like every year we get a new score. Well its true. I keep tweaking it to fix the bugs. Here's what got changed and why:

  • I've removed points from the Wetnap Factor, Sides and Clean Up. Because I wanted to streamline the points. One wing joint may have crappy wings, but give all the amenities of wing bowls and french fries, and a good wing may get low marks for not having those things. The important thing is the wings. Are they big? Are they crispy? Are they great?
  • Points were removed from the Wetnap Factor because, well wings are different nowadays. Back in the day there was just Buffalo and hot wings. Now you have Cajun or Dry Ketchup - wings that aren't sauced and aren't supposed to be. Why should they be penalized. Also, some wing sauces are good, but in small quantities. Other wings need to be drowning in sauce. So no need to score, just inform.

2009 THE SCORE 3.2:


buffalo style, gourmet, frozen, pizza, Chinese, experimental, Colonel (kfc like)


$__ for ___# of wings




*(relative to Wing King’s tolerance) Scoville Units where available


· Dry

· Drizzle

· Wet

· Drowning


· Pidgeon/Small= -1/0.5

· Medium= 1

· Large= 2

· Jumbo = 3



· Mushy/Rock Hard= -1/1

· Crisp= 2

· Crispy/Crunchy= 3



· Bad= 0

· OK/Decent= 1

· Good= 2

· Great= 3



Veggies Dip Fries Other


Napkin Wetnap Wing Bowl/Plate Warm towel


½ price AYCE 2-4-1



Patio, pop refills


0-2=Not worth it 3-5=ok 6-8=good 9+=GREAT


2] Wing Night Guide

This thing is sorely in need of an overhaul. Every time I look at it, I hate it. Its hard to read. It looks fine when I first type it up in Word, but transferred to Blogger, its pretty terrible. Its not ready yet but hopefully soon it will be up. You and I deserve better when trying to find out what places have what wing nights. Its just common decency.

3] The Review Guides

Same as above. I need to update and organize so that its easier to see what has been done.

So the Score 3.2 starts tonight, but the rest are things to be done in the near future. Please Stand By!!!!

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