Monday, 22 December 2008

Family Holiday Get Together

Back after a long holiday break . . . ok it wasn't so much a long break but a period of time without the internet in which to jazz up these photos and add them to the blog.

I am not a big fan of the holidays - and yes I say holidays and not X-mas, because there are several 'holidays' going on, you cultural imperialists. But the one great thing about this time period is lots of food. Sure, I don't really get much in the way of wings . . . but I do get some tasty treats:

TOP LEFT: Holiday M&M's - we always have this in our house. This year, however, they were mint and I did not enjoy that. But they looked pretty.
TOP RIGHT: Succulent ham on the 25th. My preference.
MIDDLE: The Big Meal: ham, stuffing, coleslaw, pickles, peas, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potato, turkey and cranberry.
BOTTOM LEFT: Turkey. Its been done before.
BOTTOM RIGHT: Family potluck - I got some ribs, wings, seafood dip, spicy deviled egg, pinwheels, and shrimp crackers.

Some funky coloured, whole wheat flour, holiday cookies with royal icing and gold balls. Oh ya. And don't forget the giant cookie on the bottom left. Go leftover dough!

Go to the WING BUCKET for more photos!

TOP LEFT: rainbow birthday cake from mix
TOP RIGHT: rainbow punch with coloured ice cube containers - it was tasty whatever it was.
MIDDLE: AJ and her cake - happy b-day!!!
BOTTOM LEFT: Bill's Pizza in T'burg. Its usually awesome, but not so much this night.
BOTTOM RIGHT: More cake and ice cream!

TOP: shrimp dip - poorly executed by me. I should have had a recipe and less sour cream.
MIDDLE: Egg Nog - my whole reason for tolerating jingle bells
BOTTOM: Shrimp Crackers - my family's tradition. Ritz, Cheeze Whiz, Cocktail sauce, and shrimp. It may not be high brow, but its awesome!

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