Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wing Eating Contest training continues . . .

My training continues.

I had 10 wings in under 2 minutes (I forgot to check the time to be exact). I'm pretty sure it was closer to 1 minute.

I tore through the wings quick, but I have one major problem holding me back:

I find it VERY hard not to stop and savour every little bit, or to clean every morsel off the wings. Speed eating isn't about tasting or enjoying, its just about consuming. I need to get past this to win.

I tested a few techniques out and I think its going well.

But I keep hiccuping after the wings. I'm not used to eating so quick - I'm glad I've been practicing instead of just jumping in cold turkey.

But I can do this.

Chicken wings are go!


Rickyhp said...

Hey Man, Good Luck in the contest! You can do it!

Teena in Toronto said...

I'd have a hard time too not wanting to savour every last piece too!