Saturday, 12 January 2008

COSTCO Wings ~ Ottawa ON

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What better way to ring in the New Year than by having chicken wings!!! Visiting LJ and having done some shopping early New Years Eve Day, we were picking up supplies for appetizers for ourselves for the big event. We were at the local megalomart, aka Costco where everything seems to come in giant orders.

Walking the giant aisles in the ready-to-go section, I spied with my little eye what I was sure was chicken wings, and I was right. I debated getting them, but how could I resist? Pushing our pickup truck-sized cart out of the store, I was quite excited for the night.

While we went out for dinner ( no I didn't get wings) which ended up being pretty lame, we headed home to make all our appetizer fare. Of course, I couldn't wait to tear into the wings. They were in a sealed container and I knew that the wings would be fall off the bone since they were basically being pressure cooked. But would they be a good or a bad end to the wing year?

$10.99 for 20 wings
§ Hot
§ Honey Garlic
Hot was just plain Frank’s Red Hot
Large for sure
They give you the sauce on the side to spread over the wings
Despite being locked in air-tight container, somewhat crisp
Not bad take-out wings

*adjusted to fit style of restaurant/wings

The chicken itself was pretty tasty. It was spiced like a good roasted chicken should be. I had eaten these wings several hours after the purchase time, and who knows how long it had been on the shelf before that. If they were fresh, they would have been good on their own. They were still a bit crispy, which was surprising because of the pressure cooker effect of the container, but they were definitely fall off the bone.

They weren't huge wings, but they were pretty meaty. The 20 in the container looked daunting at first, but they were pretty easily devoured.

The sauce came on the side in a little container. Plain Frank's Red Hot. It was more than a little disappointing as it is just plain pepper sauce on the wings. I didn't pour the sauce over and shake, opting to dip the occasional wing. While I would have liked a more hot-spice to the seasonings on the chicken, they were much better eating solo than taking a bath in a hot sauce that was missing 50% of the necessary ingredients for Buffalo wings.

At the other grocery store we went to that day, I was also excited by a cherry flavoured pop. Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Chocolate. I love cherry drinks (Cherry Coke, oh yes). So when I got home, I was devastated by this monstrosity of a drink. The chocolate aftertaste was NASTY. The first sips of the drink was cherry and Dr Pepper goodness; but the beast of a chocolate flavour that reminded me of stale chocolate Tootsie pops ruined the experience. Steer clear. Don't try it for yourselves. Trust me.

FINAL SCORE: The night went very quietly with the TV on and watching the various New Years specials. The treats LJ and I had prepared were clearly the hits of the night, with the Costco wings trailing and Choco-Cherry DP not even in the same competition. Happy New Years to all, and hopefully all your old acquaintance were not forgot,and not never brought to mind. 7/13 *

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Anonymous said...

I love these chivken wings I could have them everyday but when I went today they told me they don't cook them anymore!! Is it true that they discontinued making them?

Lord of the Wings said...

@Anon - This is the first I have heard about this . . . but I will try and find out!

Matthew said...

You can also buy these uncooked in the deli and bake them yourself :)

Lord of the Wings said...

@Matthew - I don't see these sold anymore in my costco, but I do see the ones you are talking about. But they do have fried wings in the food court area - I will post a review at some point about them!