Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Faux Smoked Wings Repurposed

I'm slightly behind on my wing reviews and a few weeks ago I bought some PC Dry-Rubbed Hardwood Smoked Wings. I just need to finish up the review. 

But since then, I had leftovers that I jazzed up today. I baked the wings, then tossed them in both Piri Piri rub as well as Sriracha and Lime rub, as well as a little butter. Then I added a few dashes of a new bottle of hot sauce I saw the other day and picked up: PC Cayenne & Scotch Bonnet Wing Sauce (with another review to eventually come).

This was a really tasty combo!!!  The smoked flavoured wings, the rubs, and that Cayenne/Scotch Bonnet wing sauce was out of this world. So good.

It was a good lunch and I'm looking forward to having more!!!

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