Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A Chicken Wing Story: Recreating Chaps wing Sauce

As Lord of the Wings I get a bunch of e-mail. I get a lot of spam. I get a lot from people who confuse me with the chain Lord of the Wings, food trucks named Lord of the Wings, or even products and restaurants that I have reviewed. But I also get e-mails from folks trying to track down information about closed restaurants or how a particular place makes a sauce. Recently I received an e-mail from Steve H, who wanted to locate some Laredo Hot Sauce to help recreate his favourite wings from a now closed restaurant, Chaps. 
"Chaps in Burlington was my wing place for 30 years.(even though I live 45 minutes away in Paris).., and my 20 year old son Spencer had become a fan too....my heart was heavy when I saw they had retired and shut it down."

Chap's was a Western themed bar in Burlington Ontario, but they were well known for their wings. Seeing reviews online, people raved about their wings. I can't believe I had never heard about this place.

Looking at their menu, they have some very tasty sounding wings. I can see why a lot of people liked it there. But unfortunately this past May 2018, Chap's closed:

It sad when a favourite wing place closes, so I understood Steve's request:

"Hi Lord,
Given your title, you will hopefully relate to my dilemma:
My favourite wing place for the last 30 years was Chaps in Burlington. Loved their wings, Loved their Medium Sauce. Sadly, I found out that they recently closed for retirement without allowing me a final feast.....I am in withdrawal. Their medium sauce was 75% Select BBQ sauce (which I have found) and 25% Laredo hot sauce/wing sauce...the large jug , not the little hot sauce bottles. (A few years ago I bought a jug of each sauce from the bartender).

I googled Laredo sauce and found your 2008 posting about Costco. Do you know where I could find that sauce today?

Always wanting to help out a wing lover in need, I set about to try and track down Laredo sauce. Steve was referring to my 2008 review of the Laredo jug I had from Costco. Costco does not carry it anymore, but I was able to contact Upper Canada Food Group Ltd, who are the distributors of the sauce. They told me that they stopped selling the sauce to the public a few years ago, with only one place in Ontario still selling it  https://mvrwholesale.com/ in Toronto Ontario. The downside is that this Cash & Carry is not open to the public.

This didn't slow Steve down though! Over the Father's Day weekend, he and his family set out to recreate their favourite wing flavour:

"My wife Christine  spent Father’s Day making home made “boneless” wings, while Spencer and I experimented with the sauce....it was a great Father’s Day."

I love how they set out to experiment with different sauce mixtures to try and recreate the Chap's sauce. Those wing sauced boneless wings look mighty good no matter how close a clone this recipe was or not!

Steve is going to set out to try and get some of the Laredo from some chef friends that can shop at the MVR. I hope he is able to recreate the wings he once had. RIP Chaps.

If you have a wing problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find me, maybe you can hire the W-Team. Or me Lord of the Wings, and you can find me at lordofthewingsblog @ gmail.com - I'll do what I can to solve your #wingproblem


Unknown said...

Hi....just found out last week that Chap's had closed. It was our fave since they opened in Hamilton on Barton St. many years ago. The they moved to Burlington (twice) I made it my mission to recreate their recipe & did a good job doing it. As for the Loredo sauce you can just use Frank's. It works.

Lord of the Wings said...

@unknown - hey, sad news I know. I mean I never got to try them, but they sounded good. Laredo and Frank's are not the same, but sometimes you just have to live with the cards your dealt with.