Monday, 23 October 2017

Smoked Meat Pete ~ Montreal QC

#lotw31 note - I missed my first post of the 31 day challenge (day 22) but for a good reason; I went to Montreal.

It was a mix of business and pleasure, and in a moment of pleasure, I scheduled a stop at one of the top ranking Montreal Smoked Meat (MSM) joints in Montreal, well, just outside of Montreal, Smoked Meat Pete.

First, the place looked like a BBQ joint and that seemed cool, but I got even more excited when I saw all the Hallowe'en decorations. I love Hallowe'en. I love smoked meat. I love BBQ. How could we go wrong.

To start with, we were a little clueless about how the place worked. There was a big line, some people standing outside, some in. We weren't sure if you waited in line to be seated, or if you ordered your food up at the counter. A VERY young waiter in a thick Quebecois accent went by yelling to the line he was the smoke meat expert and could answer any questions but was gone before we could ask. It seemed that you order your food at the counter, and waitstaff will bring it to you whereever you are by calling your name across the restaurant. Got it. So I waited in line while LJ got us a table.

The menu was on a screen and would flash between English and French, but it didn't explain anything (like what was in a combo, or the differences between the combos). We knew we were here for smoked meat, but I won't lie, as soon as we walked in the wafting scent of BBQ ribs and chicken tempted me away. Seeing chicken wings on the menu also made me waiver, but this was a MSM mission.

The line moved briskly and I ordered 2 smoked meat specials. We sat on the outdoor porch because the weather is still amazing, but we did have to wait a long while for the food. But it was worth the wait.

The special was the sandwich, fries, coleslaw, pickle and a fountain drink, but I also saw and ordered the Cott Black Cherry Cola, which is a must have with  MSM, but also one of my faves as is. It was a glorious little plate.

This was one of the best MSM sandwiches I have to say. The meat was so tender and fall apart, melt in your mouth. The spices were spot on. It was piled high (so high you have to take chunks out to close it, but that's ok because than you just eat that brisket up) on two fresh pieces of light rye bread and some ball-park mustard. Heaven.

The sides were also great: the fries were fresh cut, crispy (but soft inside) and salty. No wonder they advertise as the best fries in town and "Lord of the Fries". The sour kosher dill pickle was sour, crisp and dilly. The coleslaw was oil based and tangy but slightly sweet; I often skip this at most places but I gobbled it up despite being full by the end of the meal.

I definitely want to go back. This place is part BBQ joint, blues bar and smoked meat haven. I want to try the bbq and the wings too. And you can't beat a place that love's its Hallowe'en! This is a definite recommend! 

We went on to go to Montreal, and it wasn't upon returning to Ottawa today that I was able to write and post - but after seeing the food, I hope you can forgive me for missing one day of the 31 day challenge!

Smoke Meat Pete
283 1ere Ave, L'lle-Perrot (Montreal) QC

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