Tuesday, 3 October 2017

500th Photo on Instagram

 Here is my 500th photo on Instagram:

A shift happened in 2015 when I got my first cell phone. I thought it was going to really revamp this blog; taking photos of wings in restaurants is so much easier and discreet than whipping out my camera. I thought I'd be able to do reviews right on the spot . . . this has not been the case. BUT it did expand my social media capabilities. I've tried Snapchat (not a fan, I find it buggy and just don't like using it) but Instagram was a hit for me.

I love Instagram because its quick, easy and editable. I'm looking at amazing photography by others, and have been connected to a HUGE chicken wing community I didn't even knew existed. I rarely check Facebook or Twitter these days, but Instagram lets me share my wings with the world.

I've tried to craft some #hashtags and events:

  • Monday is #mememondays where I either regram or post my own designed meme about wings.
  • Wedensday is #wingwednesday  ... I mean almost everyday is wings but for sure on Wednesday.
  • Thursday is #throwbackthursdays or #tbt for old blog posts, photos, or meals about wings.
  • Sunday is #nonwingsunday which focuses on food other than wings. 
  • Random days are #happinesshappenedhere showing off the bones of past wing meals.
Some of my specific #hashtags include:
  • #lordofthewings  = that's me! Some others use this, but I'm the REAL Lord of the Wings
  • #lotw  = lord of the wings
  • #lotwtestkitchen = when I test out a recipe or experiment with a tool, product etc.
  • #lotwmemes = wing memes that I created
  • #lotwwants2know = I want to hear from YOU about something
  • #lotwsatisfied = those were some very good wings
  • #lotwunsatisfied = those were some NOT very good wings
  • #wingporn = explicit chicken wings pics
  • #itsnotallaboutwings = sometimes I post non-wing food & events (but rarely)
  • #itsallaboutwings = ok I have a wing obsession
  • #3rddegreeaddict = 3rd Degree is a commercial hot sauce not easily available to the public that I love and find that a lot of restaurants as their suicide sauce

So if you aren't already, check out my Instagram @lotw_wingking  - guaranteed to cause drooling and a craving for wings!


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