Sunday, 1 October 2017

2000th Tweet & 31 Day Challenge

Hey - I just had my 2000th Tweet today!

I know for some that is nothing, but that's a pretty big milestone for me. Another milestone for me is that today is my birthday - so to celebrate both, I had some chicken wings (of course).

Now that I'm older and more contemplative, I've been looking back over the last few years. This blog has suffered. It's been pretty neglected. For the most part, it's become a meme site. I haven't done an official wing review in forever. So I want to make a big change and force myself to get back at it. So I've decided to make a 31 day challenge for myself.

I have been taking photos and embracing wing culture for a very long time (I have a huge backlog of reviews, photos, recipes etc) but it's time to get back to where it all began and hopefully this will be the motivation I need. Instagram has been my jam mostly lately (@lotw_wingking) but the blog, the blog is where it all started and it needs some love. Over the month of October I am committing to getting one post a day. I want those reviews coming back. I'm going to still be doing #mememonday and #throwbackthursday. It might just be a photo of my dinner, but baby, Lord of the Wings is coming back.

Lord of the Wings
Wing Long & Prosper


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