Tuesday, 17 October 2017

H&R Pizza & Wings ~ Ottawa ON

Quick lunch was needed and the title "& Wings" caught my attention. H&R is off the beaten path a little bit, and I never did find out what H&R stood for, but I was hungry and needed a wing fix so time to try a new place out.

This is a pizza take-out joint, with a few stools at the counter. The outside looks like the place has been around for a long time, but the inside suggests a remodel in the last few years. It was clean, the pizza dude was friendly, and everything seemed to be a go. The only thing that seemed off was that it was lunch time and the place was pretty quiet.

I looked over the take-out menu and was grabbed by the title "Ottawa's Best Wings!" - really? That's a pretty bold claim. We would see.

They also advertise their wings as 2 for 1 wings, but I'm not a fan of that presentation. I mean, 6 wings for $9.95 is a ridiculous price. Also, its always 6+6, so you always get 12 wings. Do people really think its a deal?

Either way, I ordered and before long I heard the crackle of the deep fryer cooking my chicken.

I went with an order of 12 wings. The wings are deep fried, then tossed in sauce. No frills take-out wings.

The wings are a medium sized wing, with a medium meatiness. The skin was just crispy enough. The pizza man wanted me to have my wings as soon as possible, and asked me mid-cooking as I chilled out alone by the counter, that I didn't want them cooked 'well done' right? I said, no that was ok. I wish I had said well done so that the skin was more crisp. Hind sight.

I asked what my sauce choices were and got the standard sauce list. I said I will have whatever the hottest sauce was. Frank's I was told. I mean nothing wrong with Frank's, but nothing special either.

On one hand, these were simple. decent take-out pizza joint wings. On the other, they claimed to be "Ottawa's Best" - which was a lie. No special love went into these wings and nothing really compels me to try them again. Oh well. 6.5/12

H&R Pizza & Wings
197 A Norice St, Ottawa


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