Saturday, 21 October 2017

Lost Wings

Do you ever have so many photos you forget a memory?

I take a lot of photos, and I have way more than the average person does with chicken wings as the subject. Ask yourself, do you even have a chicken wing pic on your phone or camera?* I think we all take a lot of photos, but do you ever find yourself wondering "when did I take this?" or "what was this all about?"

While I was waiting for my wife in a store, I started flipping through my photos on my phone. I came across the above photo and was like, when was this from? What chicken wings are these?  I'm usually pretty good at remembering my chicken wings - heck I can recall chicken wing flavours from over a year ago sometimes just by looking at the picture. I know these are from some take-out place, but can't place them.

Memory is a funny thing and its scary when something is in your head, and then it's not.


*if you do have photos of wings on your camera/phone - send them to me and tell me about your wings!

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