Friday, 19 February 2010

Southern Buffalo Style Wings (Pinty's)

So I'm at the grocery store, and it was the Super Bowl, which meant wings were on sale everywhere, from fresh to frozen, pubs to pizza places. I had a little bit of everything. And when I saw another frozen wing on sale, I decided it was a good opportunity to try them out.

Now if you had to guess what the name of this brand is, what would you guess? Just look at the picture above.

You guessed the brand was Southern right? Not Buffalo Style (which is misleading BTW) right?

I couldn't figure it out, until I saw at the bottom of the back of the bag under the ingredients . . . PINTY's! Why does Pinty's have another wing brand? Are these any different from their displayed name frozen wings?

The cooking instructions are the same.

I've tried cooking them two ways: baked and microwaved. I did baked for this review, and the problem with baking wings is that the skin ALWAYS sticks to tin foil, or racks. Using a rack definitely reduces the amount of skin that is torn away.

I just tried microwaving them (no photos sorry), and well, it was quick, but something is just wrong. The skin is crispy, but not in a real way, like it's zapped out instead of toasty. It was weird and I was desperate hungry. I'll still to baking frozen wings, and baking them on a rack.

The size of the wings were mostly smaller than the regular Pinty one's. But bigger than a lot of other frozen wings. Fairly meaty, not too rubbery.

The flavour of the sauce was the same as regular Pinty's, but the heat was cut waaaaay back. Barely, BARELY a tingle.

Did I enjoy the wings? Well they were wings, so pretty much ya. But nothing really stood out. I mean, I just don't understand the 'SOUTHERN' thing, or why Pinty's makes a separate brand. Hmmm, maybe I will e-mail and find out . . .
Either way, I would stick to the one's that proudly state the name Pinty's, not Southern.

I didn't bother with a SCORE, or a website, because, well, just go to my Pinty's review.


Chris said...

All of these frozen wing products make me wonder...

Major Q joints like Rendezvous and Corky's that will ship you their "genuine restaurant product" to your home. Does Anchor or any wing joint like that do something similar?

I've been tempted to try one of the q packages but when I look at the price and consider how much fresh meat I could buy for that and make my own.......well.

El Brucio said...

I was brought up using tinfoil, which I still do for certain recipes for ease of cleanup, but have found a product that works well and doesn't stick for oven baking.

Baking parchment. It's in the same aisle as the plastic wrap and tinfoil and comes in a roll, similar to wax paper. It works wonders.

Brad said...

It's a conspiracy Wing King! Once again we are shown the dupe to the (north) American People, where the seemingly endless choice of products is nothing more than a few large companies slapping different names on the same product. It costs the wing supplier NOTHING to rename and repackage a product, in the end it only means more sales for the mother hen. Thank you WK for keeping your honesty to wing nation!

Teena in Toronto said...

I rarely buy frozen prepared wings.

Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - Anchor Bar does ship, but only to you in the US. I agree though, the price is a lot for something you can make good at home.

El Brucio - you know, I have parchment and I should be using it - thanks for the tip

Brad - Good to hear from you! Good call on the conspiracy, I'm calling you the Wing-Files agent not.

Teena - probably the best course of action.