Friday, 5 February 2010

Return to the Crown & Dragon ~ Toronto On

While back in Toronto, I had to meet up with Nee, whose been going with me for wing reviews for a very long time. It's been almost 2 years since we hung out. Lots of catching up to do, so let's do it while I get some wings (I'm selfish like that).

I had picked a wing place I had briefly read about that was near where she would be. As I approached by streetcar, I looked at the place and saw that it was really just a take-out wing joint . . . and I hoped Nee wasn't in there. Thankfully she wasn't. So she took me to a BBQ place that her and her husband Rayzor enjoyed . . . only it had closed down. And became a wing restaurant. But it was busy, so we decided to go to a place we've been to before, the Crown & Dragon. When we got there, there was a massive line out front, but they turned out to be waiting for tickets to the TV show Comedy Now at the CTV Masonic Temple. Whew!

We came here back in January of 2008 where she gave me my wing reviewing book I still use today. The place hasn't changed inside at all. A lot of advertisements for their wing nights, Tuesday & Thursdays after 5pm, and Sunday all day were up. A funny saying on a chalkboard made me laugh: 'Q. How did Nickleback get their name? A. Who cares about Nickleback?". The pub is fully taking advantage of the fact that they won the first "Toronto Wing-Off" as covered here by the Torontoist.

It was a busy night and Nee and I were shuffled from one table to another (we were sitting in a four seater). The good news was that our new location we could hear each other much better. The downside was we were near the kitchen and I left smelling like deep frying. Our waitress was the only one on the floor (except for the occasional manager and/or owner) so we totally understood that she was busy too.

We talked for a couple of hours, catching up, remembering old times and talking about the future. Oh and we had food too.

Nee went with her go to dish, the Dragon Club sandwich, hearty fare on a roll instead of 3 layers of bread. She substituted fries with a side of sweet potato fries. Nay wedges. Nay obelisks. They are huge.

The wing menu has changed since I was there last. Kudos first on switching from cutesy dragon imagery to a 1700's style menu. Some of the changes - a few flavour additions, a new website, and a price increase, but essentially the same choices. But there are around 30 different choices for wings. And they are a solid selection of sauces. I had a hard time deciding what I would try.

I narrowed it down to Dragon's Breath and Classic Coke. The Dragon's breath was a no brainer because of its flavour and heat, but the Classic Coke just sounded unique enough to force my hand.
The wings are still big and meaty. Not very crispy mind you, but still a solid wing.

I had Dragon's Breath last time: it's full of flavour, as well as spice. It's the hottest wing on the menu, but it's not that hot. But I enjoyed these wings a lot.

The Classic Coke on the other hand, was a disappointment. For me. It just tasted like honey. Too sweet for me. I know what your thinking, of course it's going to be sweet. But I just had something different in mind. I think if I could do it over again, I would go with Rookie BBQ, Smokin Gun, or maybe even Bloody Mary.

It's good to see with all the changes in restaurants in Toronto that one place is still producing some quality wings. It was a lot of fun seeing Nee and I really wish I could get back to Toronto more often.

Crown & Dragon Pub
890 Yonge Street, Toronto ON

Original review HERE

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