Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Pinty's Classic Buffalo Chicken Wings

Oh frozen wings. You tempt me so, but you can never be as good as fresh, deep fried wings.

Or can you?

I've sampled my fair share of frozen wings, but one I had heard of being good but never tried was Pinty's. While I have seen them at Food Basics, it is the Costco bag that I hear everyone raving about.

So I had issues from choosing flavours in the isle. Ok BBQ, honey garlic (gross) are there, but the big offender is "Classic Buffalo" wings. THESE ARE NOT BUFFALO WINGS!!!! Hot wings, yes, Buffalo, no. These are baked, so they cannot be Buffalo Wings. But there's no way I'm getting honey garlic.

Issue 2: microwave!?!?!? NO! BBQ, ok maybe. Oven, well, it will have to do.

The ingredients were off to a good start. Chicken. The sauce, starts off pretty close to a Buffalo sauce (cayenne, vinegar) but water and corn starch and garlic show up. And no butter. Then there's a bunch of other things that make me wonder . . . what is going on in the sauce?

I have to admit, when I opened the bag, the smell was good and hot. And when I transferred the wings frozen from bag to oven rack, the sauce that got on my fingers had a nice bite . . . I was looking forward to them.

Above is 3 stages of cooking: frozen, half baked, fully baked.

The instructions said to cook at 400 degrees for 20 mins, or for a crispier wing, cook at 425 degrees for 20-30 mins. Well I did that, and they weren't crispy. So I left them in longer and cooked for a total of 50 mins for crispy wings.

The wings in all their glory. And yes, that is a Batman mug (with milk) from the 1989 movie that I re-found at my parents the last time I was there. I am just that awesome.

Overall, the wings were a great size. There were some smalls ones, lots of medium and a number or large wings. All were very meaty, but not tough like some frozen wings.

The wings were very saucy when they were in their frozen and mid cooking states. But I likes me some crispy wings, so I had to sacrifice the sauce. I realized the crispiness comes from the caramelized sauce more than the skin itself.

The sauce had a nice bite to them, that lingered. I mean it didn't blow my socks off. But in the context of a frozen wing, that's some mighty spicy wings. Actually, the wing sauce tasted almost identical to PC Buffalo Wings. But given the size/meatiness and the zippy bite, they are much better.

That being said, having eaten not even half, I got bored, nay, sick of eating them as they were. I had to get some other wing sauce to jazz them up.

FINAL SCORE: If I had to have frozen wings, I would have to say that these would be my favourite so far. Big bag with a big price, but you get a good size wings. Just have something on the side for dipping. Keep in mind, these ain't real Buffalo Wings. 6/9 FWS

Pinty's Classic Buffalo Chicken Wings


Teena in Toronto said...

Never heard of 'em but they look pretty good.

Lord of the Wings said...

Teena - I would say my favourite frozen wing, but that's not saying a lot . . .

Robin Majumdar said...

I *LOVE* Pinty's Buffalo Chicken Wings as far as frozen wings go.

$14.99 for 1.5KG at Costco.

Lord of the Wings said...

Robin - ya, as far as frozen wings go, these are tops of all the ones I've tried.

Anonymous said...

I work part time for the company...and yes for frozen wings these are the best my kids love them

Lord of the Wings said...

@Anonymous - glad to hear as an employee you like them as well. How do you cook them up for your kids?

Anonymous said...

Worst wings I ever ever ate. 15.99 a box and they hit the trash. stick with homemade. No one liked them at all.

Anonymous said...

I've been hooked on these for years. Love em.

Anonymous said...

Been waiting to try these, well not looking to try them again picked up a box at Food Basics With Bourbon and Cola sauce, definitely not worth the price, I'll stick with my own done in BBQ and smoker

Anonymous said...

Ok My Hubby and I have had wings from every pizza joint in Toronto they sucked. We have made them home made they were awesome but I hate working with raw chicken. Too much work especially the clean up... As far as Pinty's wings are concerned we are hooked big time in 1 month we've had at least 8 boxes.We love them! WTG Pinty's now if you could just lower the price before we go bankrupt that would be!