Friday, 5 February 2010

Guest Review: Chick'n Teasers

Looking for an alternative to your Super Bowl party? Why?

Well if you are, here's a 'boneless' wing. These are from FoodiePrints, who last night after sorting through pictures found these and sent them to me. Faux wings.

I've seen these in Costco and I am curious to try them. I haven't been able to bring myself to buy them, because they don't look that good . . . but anything 'Buffalo Style' appeals to me. Even if these are in no way 'Buffalo Style', we all get the point.

They almost look like a regular frozen wing, but are chicken meat shaped to look like chicken wings. A little scary. They don't look saucy, but I bet have a mild kick of cayenne sauce.
Here's what FoodiePrints had to say about them:

Thanks FoodiePrints for the very interesting food product - I still don't know if I will actually buy them.


Teena in Toronto said...

It's not a chicken wing until it has bones!

Wings and said...

I ordered up these from Fresh Direct, still yet to try them...Buffalo Veggie reeks of wrongness to us carnivores, but I do feel it helps those vegetarians not feel left out of the wonderfulness that is a Buffalo Wing.

Lord of the Wings said...

Teena - So true, so true!

WATC - Interesting concept . . . I'd be curious to tries those. You do have to feel sorry for those vegetarians.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the nutrition info. label. It's per 3 'wings'..check out the sodium content! Think you'll buy them now?

Lord of the Wings said...

@Anonymous - oh I don't know if I'd buy them, but the sodium content isn't what I find scary. The lack of chicken is.