Tuesday, 9 February 2010

241 PIZZA, Cornwall ON

Funny story. So I get a tip a while ago about really good wings in Cornwall at a chain pizza place. Well I'm in Cornwall and decide to check them out. 241 Pizza. I remember them from when I was in Toronto, but had them before I started the blog. But before I get into 241 Pizza, I had the wrong place. Wrong chain. It wasn't until I got home and looked at the referral that I noticed the mistake. I should have written it down. Oh well.

So what about the other chain? Well, we shall see if I get back to try them out. So let's talk about 241. It's in a little strip mall in what I would refer to as the upper-down town. It's less pedestrian and more automobile friendly, but busy none the less.

This is mainly a pizza take-out/delivery place. There are a few stools with a slight ledge, and a table with four chairs. The place has deal advertisements everywhere. Information overload! I actually just used a flyer to order the wings. There was a pizza rack for slices, and while I wasn't too keen on the pizza that isn't even re-heated when you order it, I went with it. But waited to get my slice(s) (I ordered 1, but the place is 2-4-1 after all so I got two) with my wings. As I waited for the wings, several people came in for late lunches, and before long, all the slices were gone. I got a little nervous.

No worries, though. When the wings came up, so too did a fresh pepperoni pizza pie. Pizza, wings, dip and a Coke. This was going to be a good lunch.

I have to say, without hyperbole, this pizza was friggin amazing. AMAZING! Maybe it's because I have not had a great slice since coming to Ottawa, but this was, for me, near perfection. A big slice, nice mellow thin tomato sauce, thin crust, and melty, hot, oily cheese. Tasty thin pepperoni. Crispy crust.

I could fold the pizza and eat it. I loved it. And the grease, oh glorious grease. Oh how I miss good pizza!

The pizza slices came with a dipping sauce, and I went with their cheddar habanero. I barely used it because the pizza was so good, I didn't want the dip. But the dip had, and bare with me on this strange choice of words, a nice processed cheese with slightly smokey spice to it. That's right, processed like a Cheez Whiz, but with slightly more layers of flavour.

Oh yes, and there were wings.

There are three choices for wings: BBQ (which I assume meant grilled. Why I didn't inquire, I don't know), Boneless (which isn't a wing, but whatever) and breaded. I chose the breaded option.

The wings were small, as in very short. But meaty as all can be. The meat was juicy and soft. The wings have a thin breading, unlike many other wing joints, so that it acts like a flaky crispy fried chicken. It's slightly seasoned, somewhat greasy, but a nice tasting piece of chicken.

Sauce comes on the side. There is no listings of sauce on any menu, website, flyer or panel in the place, so when I asked the pizza dude what were my options, he just kind of listed off Medium, Hot, BBQ. One of the pizza dipping sauces was Frank's Red Hot, and I asked the dude if it was the hot or if hot was another sauce altogether. It was another sauce altogether.

It was a nice hot sauce, just slightly on the HFCS side, a little tomato based possibly BBQ sauce. Not the best sauce ever, and not really hot, but it did the job.

FINAL SCORE: The wings were, ok. Meaty and not bad. I don't know if I would get the wings again. BUT I know I would get the sliced pizza again, if it was fresh out of the oven. Such good pizza! 4.5/9

241 Pizza
841 Sydney Street, Cornwall ON (and other locations)


Chris said...

That pizza looked pretty damn sweet even if the wings were weak.

Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - I'm still missing that pizza, after like 3 weeks. It totally made up for the wings.

Teena in Toronto said...

I never order wings from a pizza joint. They are usually blah :(

Lord of the Wings said...

Teena - and you are right. I'm just addicted and just keep taking chances.

eyanharve said...

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kevin said...

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Lord of the Wings said...

@eyanharve & @Kevin - no prob, I always try to help!