Wednesday, 31 January 2007


It was a busy day, I was in a rush and I wanted to get a bite before a big night out with my students. I was in the neighborhood of the Brass Taps Pizza Pub (well, I wasn't near to this place, but I had a metro pass and therefore came into the area). I had passed the place several times and thought it looked interesting to try for wings.

I was by myself, which can sometimes be awkward when I am taking photos of my food alone. But when I sat down between a guy watching a movie on a portable DVD player and a crazy old lady drinking by herself, I felt that some guy taking photos of chicken wings couldn't be that bad (the old woman talked to someone who wasn't there, bringing up "oh he was in Soldier of Fortune magazine" and something about "cat games"). I sat down in between the two, did some planning for events and in no time my wings had arrived.


STYLE: buffalo
SAUCES: mild/medium/hot/suicide/honey garlic/ ???
SIZE: pigeon -1 /2
HEAT: no heat 3/10
WETNAP FACTOR: not much sauce, pretty dry 2 /5
PRICE: $7.99 for about 8 (approx, my info sheet was lost)
SIDES: standard veggies and dip 2 /7
WING NIGHT: Tuesday if I recall correctly (maybe Monday)

Its hard to be tough on a place for making poor wings, but that's how I felt. These were tiny tiny tiny. A bit crispy, but so little chicken on these wings it just didn't matter. The side of suicide was hotter than the hot, but the hot wasn't at all, which brings us back to nothing. There isn't much to talk about these wings. They didn't taste bad, but I don't know who's standards these would be up to.

I also ordered potato skins on the side. Also tiny, with barely any toppings and a very generic flavour that inspires nothing. Thank goodness my server was friendly and I can only hope the pizza might be good, because I was thoroughly disappointed here.

That is a pretty sad score.

Brass Taps Pizza Pub
221 College Street

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