Sunday, 7 January 2007

Deep Fryer Test Day II

Day II and the last day for me to test out the Wing-It deep fryer before I hid it away for several months. I had a few wings left over, plus I loved the wings so much the night before, I went
out and got more.
But I didn't want just chicken wings - I needed something else to test its capabilities. After testing out the DF Ravioli, it was a success, so I decided to go for a DF Pizza ball.
  • raw pizza dough
  • pizza sauce
  • mozzarella cheese (shredded)
  • cornmeal
  • garlic powder
1) I ripped small chunks of dough into golf-ball sized clumps, then needed them flat into a pizza shape. Sprinkle cheese in the middle, then a bit of sauce, then more cheese

2) the tricky part: folding the edges and making a ball without the sauce spilling out. Then rolling it to make a ball.

3) On cutting board, I spread out cornmeal and garlic powder. With Clin-Ton's help, we rolled the balls in the cornmeal and garlic creating a slight crust.

We also made 2 Pizza Logs to go in the oven to see if there was a difference between DF ball and Baked Roll

That damn Flying Monkey was watching, getting ready to cause trouble.

4) Once the deep fryer reached the hottest temperature, I tossed in about 4-5 at a time and cooked until they a) floated & b) had a nice golden colour.

These DF Pizza Balls turned out great. Cheesy on the inside, crunchy on the outside. I used a cheap brand of mozzarella cheese, so it wasn't restaurant grade, but it worked. I even liked them cold the next day. Julianna L came over and tested a Log and a Ball, and while liking both, the DFPB was the winner.

The biggest problem I had with the DFPB's was the deep fryer itself. Apparently (as can be seen from the picture above) I did not get the ball completely covered, causing sauce and cheese to leak out. This made a TERRIBLE mess in the deep fryer and when trying to clean the basket a day later, it was covered in black nastiness.

The wings on the other hand turned out wonderful. I had more than enough sauce left over from yesterdays wings, most of which I bottled. The rest, warmed in a pot and poured back over this fresh batch of wings. Magnifique!


1) The Wing-It Deep Fryer is a wonderful, easy to use tool. Highly recommend it

2) Other things it can make very well include fries, chicken nuggets, DF Ravioli & DF Pizza Balls

3) It is clear, despite other's claims, that there is no real substitute when making chicken wings to deep frying. Yes baking & grilling is a healthier way of making them. However, the flavour, texture and overall wing is not up to par to a deep fried wing.

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Maria said...

Wow, the Lord of the Wings. I like your blog. Congrats on the deep fryer!