Thursday, 4 January 2007

The Copper Mug - Tillsonburg

What a night! It was Amanda's B-day and we started celebrating at her house. We had Bill's Pizza ( a great Tillsonburg establishment for greasy pizza) KFC, and homemade cake that Amanda made herself. After opening gifts, we trotted off to cosmic bowling where it was us vs the adults. After having an actually good time (who knew bowling could still be fun???) we decided to go out for a drink. Where to go in T'Burg? Mad Trappers closed earlier this year to the chargan of many young people - leaving creepy geezer bars. We had 2 choices, corporate Kelseys, and our old fav, The Copper Mug.

The 'Mug,' as we affectionately call it, is a local hole in the wall kinda place. Decorated with pictures of Seinfeld paintings, alcohol memorabilia and tvs displaying sports or trivia, its not hip or happening. The clientele is a strange mixture of the old and young. What has really improved the place is last years Ontario legislation eliminating smoking for bars/restaurants (this didn't go over well in a town that is the heart of tobacco country, but its wonderful to enter the place with fresh air). What makes this place is friendly staff we have known for years, good food, and a comforting atmosphere like you are home.

For some bizarre reason, I could still eat after Amanda's party, and I had to get their wings.


SIZE of WINGS: small to medium
HEAT: 5 /10
PRICE: $7.95 for 1lb, $12.95 for 2lb, $16.95 for 3lb, (approx 10 in a lb)


SAUCE CHOICE: mild/medium/hot/suicide/bbq/honey garlic
SIDES: veggies and blue cheese
: deep fried
WING NIGHT: Thursday Nights 1/2 price
OTHER: free popcorn!

These were the wings I basically grew up on. They weren't the wings of my childhood, but of my late teenage years when the high school gang dropped in for food. The wings have gotten smaller since then, but the sauces are relatively the same.

The wings are tiny but juicy, full of white meaty goodness. They came out crispy - a simple skin that is deep fried - and which stayed crispy all night. If they were a bit bigger, they would make a great chicken wing.

I ordered their suicide sauce. The regular wings have a bbq like sauce that has little spice to it. Suicide is the sauce loaded with pepper flakes that gives a kick, but is not as hot as it used to be years ago. We used to have contests over who could eat it, or even drink it (as we almost always get a side of sauce on the side). I wasn't weeping, but I was enjoying the wing I was having.

The Mug does deep fried right, whether your getting perogies, mozza stick, pickles or wings. They may not be as good as they used to, but they are home grown and still a tasty after dinner to what I ate before. I think Amanda had a good b-day in there too!

Check out LOTW Photoalbum to see some more pics of the party, bowling, and Dude and I getting stuck in the mud down a dark dead end road.

*** out of ***** flappers

The Copper Mug
79 Broadway Street
Tillsonburg, On

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