Saturday, 6 January 2007

Deep Fry-Day: Wing-It Deep Fryer Test

Well, over the hiatus, I was given the red, fiery beauty: the Rival Wing-It Chicken Wing Deep Fryer. My first thought when I saw it was "Oh YES!!!". My second thought was "this could be dangerous" - not in a burn yourself or the place kind of way, but how I might be deep-frying everything. So far as it stands, I will be starting back on my meal plan this Sunday and won't need to cook until the summer. But I have 2 days where I a) do need to cook, and b) can test out this baby.

The Wing-It deep fryer comes with a basket, tongs, a plastic shaking container and the ability to make my dreams come true. The directions are very simple to follow and in no time I was making dinner. I had company over, Nee, who brought some goodies with her to try and deep fry - which you can find HERE.

I decided that to break in the machine, I needed to have Buffalo wings. Nothing fancy so that I could see what this flaming red fryer could do.



First, I cut the chicken wings, separating the drumette from the
wing, and then the tip from the wing.


Drain wings in cold water - pat dry with paper towel


Turn on deep fryer to max heat - wait until machine says it is ready


In a sauce pan, melt 1 stick of butter and a bottle of Frank's Red Hot Sauce


Place wings in fryer basket and cook wings until they are crispy - they will float to the top. This takes approx 15-20 minutes


Remove wings into bowl with paper towel to drain excess oil. Remove paper towel and pour Buffalo sauce over wings and toss in bowl



These wings turned out perfectly!!! They ended up being a bit small, and I didn't have my Hot Sauce to butter mixture correct. But this was the first time I used real butter, and boy did it make a difference. The chicken had a great crispy skin. For a long time I have made wings in the oven, I have made them in a wok, but really, deep frying is the only way to make them right.

I was in heaven with these just plain. I can't wait to try them breaded!

This machine may just kill me.
But I will go with a smile on my face.


Arianna said...

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Thank you for giving me more information.
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Anonymous said...

hey I picked up one of these fryers for 8 bucks at the thrift store and had it sit on the shelf for 4 months finally i had a craving for wings and did the same thing you did and exxxxxcccceeeelent wings and my ratio was dead one. enjoy ~

Lord of the Wings said...

@anon - 8 bucks that's a good deal! Glad you finally got to enjoy it and christened it right with wings!