Friday, 5 January 2007

1 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY!!! Goodbye 2006 - Hello 2007!!!

Believe it or not, Lord of the Wings has been around for an entire year. We have reviewed more than 50 restaurants, started our presented 10 recipes, 3 non-wing reviews, 1 Great Wing Tour AND consumed over 600 chicken wings! We also brought you interesting Chicken Wing facts, as well as starting the Stephen Colbert inspired 20 Part Series, Better Know a Chestnut Wing, aka, THE CHESTNUT REPORT.

So what does the year 2007 bring? Well, wings wings and more wings!!!!!

With a slightly different format, some upgrades etc. we also plan on bringing you a new SCORE into the reviews to describe to you in detail what the wings are really like.
Also, from time to time we will get the Lord of the Wings sage and mentor, Clin-Ton, to give updates, tips, hints and suggestions.
His evil nemesis, THE FLYING MONKEY, might also drop in. That damn monkey!

So thank you to all the loyal readers out there - its been a great year and thanks for your tips, suggestions and interest! 2007 looks like a very promising year for chicken wings.

The Wing King,

Lord of the Wings

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Demonoid Phenomenon said...

HUZZAH!!! For the Lord of the's to another year of mouth watering reviews and tasty wings!