Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Phone Problems & Loblaw Wings

So frustrated. Phone has had a mic problem, which hasn't been a blogging problem but I sent my phone in to be repaired and was given a loaner phone. I thought I had backed up most of my photos before the switch, and when they transfered to the loaner, not everything copied, but was ok. That phone was a piece of crap and had a terrible camera. I hated using it. I did a review or two, but I hated using it with social media, so I just avoided using it at all. Hence a week or more black out on my part.

My phone came back a week later and then the store couldn't transfer ANYTHING over to my original phone. Then it turned out I didn't back up a bunch of photos I thought I had so I lost a lot. It sounds stupid, but it was kind of emotionally devastating. So I didn't feel like being on the old phone for a bit either. Oh and the problem didn't get fixed. It's better, but not fixed. But now I am super hesitant to send it back and be on a loaner phone. Frig.

Anyways, I had these wings from Loblaws and they were pretty great. This is good because my local RCSS that used to make these wings stopped making them. This Loblaws isn't near me, but it's good to know its available.

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