Wednesday, 9 May 2018


I`ve said it before and I`ll say it again, I`m a sucker for a wing sale.

$10 for 908g box of wings isn`t the greatest deal, but these days a box of frozen wings is over $13. I used to kind of like the No Name brand Hot wings,  so I thought I would give the Buffalo flavour a try.

There were several things that I was aware of that I am not a fan of off the bat. First off, the wings used to be 907g, but that used to be ALL WINGS. Now at 908, that includes the 4 packs of sauce inside. The box says 2 sauce pouches, but that`s 2 Buffalo and 2 Ranch. I also can`t get over the microwave instructions right on the box (4mins).

Instructions were pretty clear, as were the tons of ingredients in all the products in this box.

Bag of frozen wings (partially freezer burnt?) and the four packs of sauce.

So far so good. Not a lot of wings in the bag, but welcome to 2018. I only put out half of the wings, so there are about 14 wings in the box.

The instructions actually suggest using parchment paper for these. The cooked up in their own grease, and developed a puffy kind of skin crust.

After 25 minutes my wings were ready. While the wings were cooking, I thawed a pack of Buffalo sauce and Ranch to serve on the side.

The ranch was, well not that great. I don't know why they bother including it. The consistency just is wrong on all these frozen wing sauce.

The wings were all different sizes, but for the most part the wingettes were really small but the drummettes were meaty and big. It was almost like they came from very differently sized chickens.

As mentioned before, the skin wasn't very crispy, but a puffy layer did develop. There was a fattiness to the skin that was not uncommon to No Name type wings, but like nothing you get at the pub or even from fresh. The meat on the wingettes  were tender, but the drummettes were kinda tough. The chicken itself was pretty oily and you can see that in the photo above once it was bitten into.

For pan baked wings, some did get a char-like cook on the skin. But as a chicken wing, they are not attractive or enticing.

I had the Buffalo sauce on the side. The sauce was ok - it wasn't a buttery rich Buffalo sauce, more of just a generic cayenne based hot sauce.

The sauce was not bad, but nothing special. It did help with the flavour of the plain wings, so I dumped most on top of them all, as it should be.


These were pretty much a fail for me. Not crispy, small, kinda mushy or tough, and most importantly not very tasty. What's the point? 3.5/15

So reminder to self DO NOT BUY NO NAME BUFFALO WINGS AGAIN. I probably won't bother with any No Name wing product.


Unknown said...

$10.00 for a 908g box of wings but 208g is sauce that I don’t want so $2.54 goes in the garbage with each purchase. I no longer buy them.

Lord of the Wings said...

@unknown - And that $10 was on sale! These are usually $14 or so. I agree with you, the sauce is not wanted & hides the real amount of wings in the box.