Friday, 16 March 2018

Can you BBQ "Fried" Wings???

So the other day I go to do up some wings on a BBQ grill. I'm house sitting and have access to the home owners grill, which is super awesome.

I prep the grill for indirect heating. I'm debating putting the wings on the top rack to have more air access and because I don't really want to put them directly on the main grill. I then remember that I brought my BBQ mat - a gift from my folks that is a non-stick thin sheet of material that transfers the heat without having food fall through the grates.

I threw the mat on the grill, waited not even a minute, and then dumped my wings on the mat. Instantly they started sizzling, like they were in a pan. I spread them out and let them cook with the lid down for about 10 minutes. I came back, flipped the wings and boom! The wings had crispy fried skin. Seriously? This was awesome because I like grilled wings but not the rubbery skin.

Later I sauced the wings and ate them up and to my delight, they were crispy, but also had that grilled flavour. This changes everything ...

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