Thursday, 26 November 2009

Man vs Food: suicide wing challenges

One of my Twitter peeps, Bitchin Kitchen, sent out a video about a guy eating spicy food. I opened the video, and found that it was the show Man vs Food, and he was eating wings.

I've never seen the show Man vs Food, but I think I would like it. I mean, the guy ate suicide wings.

Before you watch, I have to warn you, this guys a bit of a wimp. . .

First, the wings look great. But the staff at Buffalo Cantina do not seem impressed with host Adam Richman. I mean, he's ridiculously afraid of the wings, he pre-dips them in too much blue cheese (or ranch), and after eating a bite, he needs a lot of liquids. Don't get me started on the bathroom bit. Also a little tip, don't drink water - it doesn't stop the burn. Drink milk.

BUT it turns out this video, from 2008 was his first attempt. He tried again this past September (see photo at top). But according to the website Eat Me Daily, it wasn't all it was up to be:

"Except he kinda sorta wimped out. Not that we blame him. We saw one bite of the suicide wings drive a spectator to tears, and immediately thereafter, the bathroom. But as much as we love Man v. Food and admire Richman's deliciously entertaining challenges, we couldn't write about the taping without facing up to what we all know: TV is fake, plain and simple. The show made the restaurant's wing-eating challenge easier by having Richman eat six less spicy wings."

I promise you right now, I will never falsely me eating wings. I won't pretend to eat hotter than I am, and I promise I won't act it up. My wing eating is authentic, even if I fail. But it looks good doesn't it?


Chris said...

It's a good show, but you called it for what it is, entertainment. Adam is just a kook and has an endearing vibe about it.

But on his "heat" challenges, I did wonder why he always has the same reaction for varying heat levels. For example, he has allegedly eaten things with the ghost chili in them, then why would something like these wings kill you if you handled the ghost chili before?

But on the quantity eating challenges, those would be hard to fake in front of a crowd like that.

Anonymous said...

I've watched Man vs. Food since it first aired, which hasn't been all that long.

I've seen Adam eat all sorts of hot foods. One item was so hot, that the chef had to cook it wearing a respirator. I believe it was some sort of noodle dish. There's been several shows where he's done hot wings, with one place having a wing so hot, you only had to eat one to win.

Teena in Toronto said...

Hot's as hot as I go.

Anonymous said...

Buffalo Cantina is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is where I live.

I have yet to take the challenge, but it is on my list of places...I'm going to do a video piece for my blog when I take the challenge. I heard it's about the same as the Quaker Steak and Lube that Man v Food and I also did.

As a side note, after his second taping, I was told by a reliable source that he thought he was having a heart attack and they called an ambulance. They checked him out, he was ok just some palpitations. I'm sure it wasn't just the wings, I mean look at all the crap this guy eats, he should take a little time off to let his body recover.

Anonymous said...

Buffalo Cantina is in Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY, which about 2 miles from where I live. I have yet to take that challenge but it's on my to-do list. I'm going to video it for my blog when I do.

I've heard it's about the same as the Quaker Steak & Lube challenge that Man v Food and I also did.

Side note about his second taping...I was told by a reliable source that after the challenge he thought he was having a heart attack and they called an ambulance. He was checked out, and was fine (just some palpitations)

Now I'm not suggesting it's the wings alone, but combined with all the crap this guy eats, it's gonna take a toll on your body, he should take a little break and eat some healthy stuff before taping next season.

Lord of the Wings said...

wingsandthecity - I look forward to your video! I've done the Quaker S&L challenge, and it was really dissapointing, heat wise.

Teena - nice, a lot of people can't even eat that hot!

Anonymous - I would like to try those wings! I need to watch this show.

Chris - When I finally do see the show, I'm going to watch him closely!

Surbhi Kapur said...

I love this show. He tackles some of the biggest meals I have ever seen. I work for Dish Network and it's even better being able to watch in HD. You can really tell when he starts to slow down and when that brow starts sweating you know that's when he really starts working to beat the challenge. That burrito is insane! Was that from the challenge he did in Denver or was that a different one?