Thursday, 26 November 2009

Kids Cafeteria Serves Up Wings

The kids in the Andover Public School System in Andover Massachusetts are pretty darn lucky. Not only are their lunch menus published in the newspaper for them to plan their meals, they get, get this, wings. Andover High School:

"Tuesday: Chicken wing bar with assorted dips, french fries, cole slaw, breadstick, monte cristo, steak and cheese taco roll up and fruit cup."

Shut up! A chicken wing bar? With assorted dips? And more. Lucky kids.


Chris said...

Hmmmm I'm thinking it is "a chicken wing bar", not a bar or buffet of chicken wings. Like they grind up and process chicken into the shape of a frozen wing, bread it, and bake the life out of it and call it a chicken wing bar. I could be wrong, just chalk it up to too much school food growing up:)

Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - unfortunately, you are probably correct. *shudders*