Friday, 19 June 2009

Unwrapped - "Full of Flavor" ~ CWOS review

Another exciting edition of the Chicken Wings on Screen!

If I'm home on weekday, I usually have the Food Network (Canada) on. A lot of the time its just background noise depending on the show. Unwrapped is one of those shows. Several years ago I did a post on an episode of Marc Summers show, the precursor to CWOS. Well today while I was doing some cleaning, the word "Buffalo" and "Hot Wing" came up on Unwrapped, and I dropped everything and headed to the screen. The episode was "Full of Flavor" which is pretty self explanatory.

In the U.S. there's a popcorn company called Dale & Thomas Popcorn and according to the episode, they have, possibly the world's first popcorn chef working for them: Ed Doyle. He created a popcorn flavour known as "Buffalo Dale's Hot Wing Popcorn." Now chicken wing popcorn is nothing new to the Wing King (see Kernals review), but Dale did some interesting research:

A few observations from the above video from the Dale & Thomas website:

Take 1: A hot wing, not a Buffalo Wing (you can tell from the breading).

Take 7: Um, that's not a wing at all. That's why you might be having some trouble.

Take 15: See, we have the same problem. That's not a wing.

Take 23: Correct me if I'm wrong, but your standing in front of Cheers. Cheers is in Boston. Does Boston know how to make good wings? Did Cheers ever serve food, let alone wings? To be fair, you, Chef Ed, did say "finally, the real taste of Buffalo Wings" but it helps if you actually try Buffalo Wings. Cute video though. But it makes me question if your popcorn actually captures the right flavour.

But let's see how you do it:

  • ED: "Very secret Buffalo Spices" - I want to know the secret
  • ED: "Different chilies; We use vinegar in there; Some garlic." - oh, thanks for the secret. Good flavours in there so far.
  • Marc adds "And what are hot wings, without the blue cheese?" - that's right. Ottawa, pay attention. Blue Cheese, not sour cream.
  • ED: "We make it with real blue cheese" - Good.
  • Then they combine the two flavours together so you get Hot Wing and Blue Cheese.
  • ED: "We've been trying to figure out how to get celery in there, but you know, we haven't got that quite yet" - Liar. I don't think you have. I would try celery salt.

So despite my jests, this looks really tasty. And I would love to try it.

Oh wait, I can't.


Baaahhhh! On vacation? You tell that SOB flavour to get back to work! And no I won't enjoy Blue Ribbon Chili and Sour Cream instead. This is Lord of the Wings, not Lord of the Chili and Sour Cream Popcorn! That's way too long to put as a blog name.

Oh well, it was interesting videos anyway. Now I'm hungry for chicken wing popcorn. Or just chicken wings. Or even popcorn. Damn you Food Network, always makin' me hungry.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Gord watches the Food Network a lot. I didn't know I had this channel 'til he moved in :)

Chris said...

How about popcorn breaded hot wings, ha ha ha!

Lord of the Wings said...

Teena - I have 6 channels I watch religiously: CBC, Comedy Channel, SPACE, PeachTree, TVTropolis, and the Food Network. Oh and History. I'm a big nerd as you can tell.

Chris - hmmmmm I like the way you think!